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Santa Cruz Shakespeare

2016 SCS (Santa Cruz Shakespeare) season

SCS plays for the 2016 season:

2015 SCS (Santa Cruz Shakespeare) season

SCS plays for the 2015 season:

Shakespeare Santa Cruz

2012 SSC (Shakespeare Santa Cruz) season

SSC plays for the 2012 season (the 31st):

2011 SSC (Shakespeare Santa Cruz) season

Three SSC plays for the 2011 season (the 30th): all very well received:

2010 SSC (Shakespeare Santa Cruz) season

All three SSC plays of the 2010 season (the 29th) got standing ovations at the sessions I went to:

2008 SSC (Shakespeare Santa Cruz) season

Bold Summer Repertory Theatre: 2008 Shakespeare Santa Cruz

27th season is 16 July - 31 August 2008. Shakespeare Santa Cruz's new Artistic Director Marco Barricelli has four plays in repertory:

The preview talks

The plays

Index of 2008 season of Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Quotes from the scripts

Bach at Leipzig

From Act One, Scene Four and Five:

STEINDORFF   Your understanding of politics is as nuanced as your music.
KAUFFMAN     Why, thank you!
STEINDORFF   A halfhearted show of diplomacy is the final step toward open war.

Also from Act One, Scene Four and Five:

FASCH        Why must everything have a name?
SCHOTT       So that we know which houses to burn.

From Act One, Scene Six:

LENCK        Do they have politics in Zerbst, Herr Fasch?
FASCH        Periodically, yes. But the tactics you describe are better suited
      to situations where ordinary principles are suspended. To a state of war.

From Act Two, Scene One:

FASCH        Kuhnau's explanation [of the fugue] mystified me. It was not until
      I wrote a fugue myself that I understood, and when I told him that the
      structure was now clear to me in retrospect, he remarked, 'Structure is 
      only clear in retrospect'.

From Act Two, Scene Two and Three and Four and Five:

GRAUPNER     The odds are not yet ... ideal.
SCHOTT       What are you suggesting?
GRAUPNER     You overestimate my subtlety. I have not suggested it yet.
      It is true, is it not, that Kuhnau never named a preferred successor?
SCHOTT       No one, I think, was more surprised by Kuhnau's death than Kuhnau.

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