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Poetry of Aleda Shirley.

Dark Familiar (2006)

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Editing by Aleda Shirley.

The Beach Book: A Literary Companion (1999).

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Selected and Introduced by Aleda Shirley.

In her introduction, Aleda Shirley wrote:

"no other landscape evokes so much emotion as does the sea: grief and triumph, romance and loss, innocence and destruction. ... [but] people, more often than not, look happy when they are at the beach. ... This is the anthology I would like to have at the beach, ... the book I'd suggest to people looking for something fun and different and thought-provoking to read while stretched out on a sandy beach towel or relaxing on a screened porch -- poems, stories, and essays that offer a new way of looking at the familiar, eternal place where the sea meets land."

Time Line.

Editing: The Beach Book: A Literary Companion.
Prize: second place in the 2005 River Styx International Poetry Contest.
Poems: Dark Familiar.

Links and Books.

Links and Books.

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