Richard Hugo's 'Triggering Town'

Richard Hugo's The Triggering Town: Lectures and Essays on Poetry and Writing
notes by J. Zimmerman

This collection of nine essays is a practical introduction to Hugo's approach to writing poetry.

The nine sections are entitled:

  1. Writing off the Subject.

  2. The Triggering Town.

  3. Assumptions.

  4. Stray Thoughts on Roethke and Teaching.
    He cites a Roethke exercise similar to the following.

  5. Nuts and Bolts.
    Lots of 'rules' like:

  6. In Defense of Creative-Writing Classes.

  7. Statements of Faith.

  8. Ci Vediamo.
    Hugo returned, years after W.W. II, to where he had been based in Italy as an American bombardier.

  9. How Poets Make a Living.

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