Pulitzer Poetry Prize Winners of the United States of America

Pulitzer Poetry Prize of the United States of America
by J. Zimmerman

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Buy Verses of the Poets Laureate Buy 2003 Pulitzer Prize winner
Moy Sand and Gravel
by Paul Muldoon.

Winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

2008 Awarded jointly to Philip Schultz and Robert Hass Failure (by Philip Schultz) and Time and Materials (by Robert Hass)

Other nominated finalist:

  • Ellen Bryant Voigt for Messenger: New and Selected Poems, 1976-2012.
2007 Natasha Trethewey Native Guard. [Blog entry.]

Other nominated finalists:

  • Martin Espada for The Republic of Poetry.
  • David Wojahn for Interrogation Palace: New & Selected Poems 1982-2004.
2006 Claudia Emerson Late Wife. [Blog entry.]
Whining, score-settling, prosy. The prose-like material is probably due to the origin of many of the poems as prose. According to Associated Press: "For three years, Claudia Emerson took her handwritten letters reflecting on her failed marriage of 19 years and her blossoming relationship with her second husband and taped them to the walls of her home and office. The letters, which were never sent, ended up in her book of poetry, Late Wife."
2005 Ted Kooser Delights and Shadows. [Blog entry.]
2004 Franz Wright Walking to Martha's Vineyard [Blog entry.]
2003 Paul Muldoon Moy Sand and Gravel. [Blog entry.]
2002 Carl Dennis Practical Gods. [Blog entry.]
2001 Stephen Dunn Different Hours [Blog entry.]
2000 C. K. Williams Repair: Poems
1999 Mark Strand Blizzard of One
1998 Charles Wright Black Zodiac
1997 Lisel Mueller Alive Together: New and Selected Poems
1996 Jorie Graham. The Dream of the Unified Field
1995 Philip Levine The Simple Truth
1994 Yusef Komunyakaa Neon Vernacular
1993 Louise Glück. The Wild Iris
1992 James Tate. Selected Poems
1991 Mona Van Duyn Near Changes
1990 Charles Simic The World Doesn't End

1989. New and Collected Poems by Richard Wilbur. Also in 1957.
1988. Partial Accounts: New and Selected Poems by William Meredith.
1987. Thomas and Beulah by Rita Dove.
1986. The Flying Change by Henry Taylor.
1985. Yin by Carolyn Kizer.
1984. American Primitive by Mary Oliver.
1983. Selected Poems by Galway Kinnell.
1982. The Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath.
1981. The Morning of the Poem by James Schuyler.
1980. Selected Poems by Donald Rodney Justice.

1979. Now and Then: Poems 1976 - 1978 by Robert Penn Warren. Also 1958.
1978. Collected Poems by Howard Nemerov.
1977. Divine Comedies by James Merrill.
1976. Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery.
1975. Turtle Island by Gary Snyder.
1974. The Dolphin by Robert Lowell.
1973. Up Country by Maxine Winokur Kumin.
1972. Collected Poems by James Wright.
1971. The Carrier of Ladders by W.S. Merwin.
1970. Untitled Subjects by Richard Howard.

1969. Of Being Numerous by George Oppen.
1968. Hard Hours by Anthony Hecht.
1967. Live or Die by Anne Sexton.
1966. Selected Poems 1930 - 1965 by Richard Eberhart.
1965. 77 Dream Songs by John Berryman. [Blog entry.]
1964. At the End of the Open Road by Louis Simpson.
1963. Pictures From Brueghel by William Carlos Williams
1962. Poems by Alan Dugan.
1961. Times Three: Selected Verse From Three Decades by Phyllis McGinley.
1960. Heart's Needle by William Snodgrass.

1959. Selected Poems 1928 - 1958 by Stanley Kunitz.
1958. Promises: Poems 1954 - 1956 by Robert Penn Warren. Also 1979.
1957. Things of This World by Richard Wilbur. Also 1989.
1956. Poems-North & South by Elizabeth Bishop.
1955. Collected Poems by Wallace Stevens.
1954. The Waking by Theodore Roethke.
1953. Collected Poems 1917 - 1952 by Archibald MacLeish Also 1933.
1952. Collected Poems by Marianne Moore.
1951. Complete Poems by Carl Sandburg. Also 1919.
1950. Annie Allen by Gwendolyn Brooks.

1949. Terror and Decorum by Peter Viereck
1948. The Age of Anxiety by W. H. Auden
1947. Lord Weary's Castle by Robert Lowell
1946 V-Letter and Other Poems by Karl Shapiro.
1944. Western Star by Stephen Vincent Benet. [Benet also won The Pulitzer Prize in 1929.]
1943. A Witness Tree by Robert Frost.
     Robert Frost won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times: 1943, 1937, 1931, 1924.
1942. The Dust Which Is God by William Rose Benet.
1941. Sunderland Capture by Leonard Bacon.
1940. Collected Poems by Mark Van Doren.

1939. Selected Poems by John Gould Fletcher.
1938. Cold Morning Sky by Marya Zaturenska.
1937. A Further Range by Robert Frost.
     Robert Frost won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times: 1943, 1937, 1931, 1924.
1936. Strange Holiness by Robert P. T. Coffin.
1935. Bright Ambush by Audrey Wurdemann.
1934. Collected Verse by Robert Hillyer.
1933 Conquistador by Archibald MacLeish. [Also in 1953 with Collected Poems 1917-1952.
1932. The Flowering Stone by George Dillon.
1931. Collected Poems by Robert Frost.
     Robert Frost won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times: 1943, 1937, 1931, 1924.
1930. Selected Poems by Conrad Aiken.

1929. John Brown's Body by Stephen Vincent Benet. Also honored in 1944.
1928. Tristram by Edwin Arlington Robinson Also honored in 1922.
1927. Fiddler's Fare Well by Leonora Speyer.
1926. What's O'clock by Amy Lowell.
1925. The Man Who Died Twice by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Also honored in 1922.
1924. New Hampshire: A Poem with Notes and Grace Notes by Robert Frost Hardcover.
     Robert Frost won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times: 1943, 1937, 1931, 1924.
1923. Ballad of the Harp-Weaver by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
1922. Collected Poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson
1921. No Award.
1920. No Award.

1919. Shared by:
     Old Road to Paradise by Margaret Widdemer.
     Corn Huskers [Blog entry] by Carl Sandburg. [Sandburg also won in 1951.]
1918. Love Songs [Blog entry] by Sara Teasdale.


The Pulitzer awards are given:

  1. by Columbia University
  2. on recommendation by the 18-member Pulitzer board
  3. under the terms of the will of Joseph Pulitzer, the newspaper publisher, who died in 1911.
Other Faqs:
  1. Joseph Pulitzer endowed the journalism school at Columbia University, and directed that money be set aside for the prizes.
  2. The first awards were given in 1917.
  3. The Pulitzer prize for poetry honors a volume of original verse by an American author.
  4. A poetry-specific juries picks the poetry finalists.
  5. The winner receives a cash award of $10,000 (in 2006).


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