Anne Carson

Anne Carson featured in:
* Best American Poetry: 2004 (guest editor Lyn Hejinian) with "Gnosticism", a 4-page poem in 6 sections.
* Best American Poetry: 2002 (guest editor Robert Creeley) with "Opposed Glimpse of Alice James, Garth James, Henry James, Robertson James, and William James".
* Best American Poetry: 2001 (guest editor Robert Hass) with * "Longing: A Documentary".
* Best American Poetry: 1998 (guest editor John Hollander) with "TV Men: Antigone (Scripts 1 and 2)".
* Best American Poetry: 1990 (guest editor Jorie Graham) with * [Best poem in the collection:] "The Life of Towns".

2005: Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera.
2001: The Beauty of the Husband.
1998: Autobiography of Red: a Novel in Verse.
1995: Glass, Irony, and God.
2002: If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho.
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Poetry of Anne Carson.
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Autobiography of Red: a Novel in Verse (1998)

Striking movement of a legend into the modern world. Other writers have compared Anne Carson favorably to Louise Glück. Anne Carson has a more interesting voice, in this book, compared with anything of Gluck's.

The Beauty of the Husband (2001)

Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera (2005)

Seems rather posturing. A book of sometimes-interesting poems, with most of the space being filled by heavily footnoted essays and uninteresting opera libretto in search of a composer. Don't bother.

Glass, Irony, and God (1995)

The first 118 pages five multi-part and multi-reality poems in short stanza (mostly 3 lines; often 2 or 4 lines) blending (and sometimes blenderizing) past and present. The closing 24 pages are her essay "The Gender of Sound", with 70 footnotes and 3 pages of bibliography. She also painted her own cover.

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If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho (2002)

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