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Peter and Donna Thomas
260 Fifteenth Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 475-1455
Publications, published lectures, essays and articles: Updated 12/2011

1. The Work of Mr. A. J. Laws as an Amateur Papermaker. 1987, The convention of The Friends of the Dard Hunter Paper Museum, Appleton Wisconsin. Fdhpm Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 2&3, November 1987.

2. Hand Papermaking in America. 1988, The International Papermaking Conference, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Conference Postprints. pp 27-28.

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5.  Books of Twentieth Century Papermaker/Printers.  1990, The conventions of the IPH, Malmeday, Belgium, and IAPMA, Durin, Germany. Published in FDHPM Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 2, and IPH Yearbook, Volume 9, 1990. pp 136-140.

6. A Study of Dard Hunter’s Book Papers.  FDHPM Journal, Vol. 1, 1991. pp 3-6

7. Early Vs. Modern Handmade Papers.  A book review. Hand Papermaking Vol. 6 No. 1, Summer 1991, pp 24.

8. The Lessebo Hand Paper Mill.  FDH Postprints, Vol 1, 1992, pp 35-36

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15. Quarry West 32. 1995 The Gospel of the Book According to Peter. pp. 88.

16. Papir Mageri 3. 1996. by Anne Vilsbol. Borgen Denmark. Peter Thomas pp. 152-7

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19. IAPMA Bulletin

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2001 Winter. “Artist Book Review”. Vol. 1 No.2. “A Collection of Thoughts on the Book Arts.” pp. 4

2002 Sunday October 13. “The Santa Cruz Sentinel”. “The Book on Art” by Peter Thomas. Page B6.

2002 Fall/Winter. “The Manifesto of a Book Artist”. California State Library Foundation Bulletin. Number 74. Page 10-14.

2003 Spring “Artist Book Review”. Vol. 1 Number.11. ”The Manifesto of a Book Artist”. Page 7-8.

2003 “Tabellae Ansatae”. Volume 2 Number 4. “The History and Future of the Book as Art.” Pages.44-47.

2004 November. “Moveable Stationery”. Vol 12 Number 4. “What is a Moveable Book?” p.8.

2004 Autumn. Pandora's Box, IAPMA Bulletin, Number 36 6-7,12.

2004 More Making Books by Hand. Written and illustrated by Peter and Donna Thomas. Quarry Books.

2005 Miniature Book Exhibition, catalog of exhibition. MBS org. Page 38, “No Form of Love”.

2005 September. “The Crafts Report. Selling Book Arts and Paper.” Page 24.

2006 “Ampersand”. Summer 2006 Vol.23 No 4. On Galleries and white Gloves. Page 24.

2006 “IAPMA Bulletin”. Number 39, Spring 2006. Traces in a Miniature Book.

2007 “Ampersand”. Winter 2007. What is a Moveable Book? p. 21

2007 Santa Cruz Magazine (published by the Sentinel?) featured an article on our work

2007 IAPMA Bulletin, made cover paper

2007 Tabellae Ansatae. Essay by Peter

2007 “Miniature Books, 4,000 Years of Tiny Treasures” by Anne C. Bromer and Julian I. Edison. Published by the Grolier Club. Page 43 and 196. “Celia Fiennes”, “Patterns from Chaos” and “Time I$”.

2007 “Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art” by Diane Maurer-Mathison. Watson-Gptill Publications, New York,. Page 127, Ukulele Series Book #8 Mystic Isles of the South Seas.

2008 April. “Paper Magic 43”. IAPMA bulletin. Page 22. “Three Kinds of Magic”. Editor: Gail Stiffe, Australia.

2008 Summer “Frequency, the poetics of change”, 34th Summer Writing Program Magazine, Naropa University. “The Artists Book and the Future” by Peter Thomas.

2008 “500 Handmade Books, Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form”. Lark Books. Pages 77, 225, 254, 291. Books: Paper From Plants, Ukulele Series Book #4 The Ukulele Bookshelf, Ukulele Series Book #9 The Letterpress Ukulele, Ukulele series Book #2 Ukulele Accordion.

2008 “Ampersand”, Fall 2008, Vol. 26, No 1. Back cover poem by Peter Thomas, “In the beginning was the Word.”

2008 Miniature Book Exhibition Catalog. Miniature Book Society Inc. Page 45, “Arriving in Yosemite”. Page 36, 37: “Train Depots” and “In the San Joaquin Valley”.

2008 “Ampersand”. Summer 2008 Vol.25 No 4. Page 23: “In the San Joaquin Valley”. Article is about the show titled: “Bookworks”.

2009 May. Paper Art, IAPMA, Edited by Helene Tschacher. “Nature’s Heart”, “In the San Joaquin Valley”, “Out of Focus”, “Farmer and the Snake,” 2 scrolling books.

2009. “ABCs of making miniature books” by Akai Miyako, Ichikawa City, Chiba, Japan. Page 93. “In the San Joaquin Valley” and “No Form of Love.”

2009 Miniature Book Exhibition, catalog of exhibition. MBS org. Page 32, 33, “Glen Dawson” and “Beauty”. Page 43, “A Poem” by Rumi.

2009 June 18, “Mariposa Gazette”. “New Wagon Replaces burned on for local “gypsies’, by Johathan McCorkell. Page 19.

2009, July “The Waysgoose Gazette”, A Newsletter of the International Printing Museum. Issue 14:2. Peter Thomas on the History of Miniature Books. Pages 1 – 2.

2009 July. “Miniature Book Society Newsletter”, No. 81, “Peter Thomas on the History of Miniature Books”. Pages 8 – 9.

2009 “Ampersand”, Fall 2009, Vol 26, No 5. “Book Manners: Lesson Number 2” by Peter Thomas, Page 21.

2009 “News Letter”. Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, vol. 27 No. 3 Fall 2009. Page  24. “The Real Accordion Book” by Peter Thomas.

2010. Books and Friends” University of North Texas Libraries, Vol 24, No.1. In the article, “News of the Miniature Book Collection” there is a mention of our donation of MBS Conclave keepsakes.

2010 Jan 28, Santa Cruz Sentinel Newspaper.. Article about the exhibit at UCSC: “Book as Medium: Holding/Witholding Text.” Our book in the show, “Ukulele book #8” is mentioned in the article.

2010 Winter, “Ampersand”, Vol 27, No 1. “So What do we call Ourselves, Anyway?” by Peter Thomas. Page 19- 20.

2010 Winter “Ampersand”, Vol 27, No 4. On title page:“Photo Essay: Handmade Paper. Peter Thomas, Michelle Wilson, and John Sullivan Collaborate on a beautiful handmade paper keepsake.” Titled on page 4: “Tearing Handmade Paper”.

2010 Spring. “Japonese Lifestyles Magazine” published in Japan, in Japonese only. An article about the lifestyle and artists’ books of Peter and Donna Thomas. Page 50 - 59

2010 “Hand Papermaking” Summer 2010. Vol 25, No 1. “Arch Shred: A Sustainable Fiber Source” by Peter Thomas. Page 28.

2010. “Making Handmade Books” by Alisa Golden, Lark Books.

2010. “Lark Studio Series: Handmade Books.” Senior editor: Ray Hemachandra. Page 10. “Ukulele Series book 2, the Ukulele Accordion”.

2011 January, The Microbibliophile”, a book review for “Gipsy Caravan”. Page 5.

2011 Feb. “Bull and Branch” Newsletter of the Friends of Dard Hunter, Vol 30 No 1. “Winding Roads, Dollywood, and miniature Books” a review of a class Peter taught at the FDH annual meeting in Gatlinburg, TN. By Jean Kropper on page 11. Another review of Peter’s demo of papermakers shake at the meeting, on page 26, by Mary Tasillo.

2011 Miniature Book Exhibition, catalog of exhibition. MBS org. “Don’t Fence Me In” and “Southwest”

2011 March. “The Microbibliophile” Vol, 30, No 2. “Thoughts on Collecting Books as Works of Art, Text as Design” by Peter Thomas. Page 15. Also a review of “Song of the Open Road” pg 9.

2011 May, The Microbibliophile”,“Thoughts on Collecting Books as Works of Art, & Review of “Don’t Fence Me In”. Page 5.

2011 Spring/Summer. “Ampersand” vol 28, Nos 1 and 2. “Not Paper” on the cover and on page 19.

2011 July, The Microbibliophile”, “Thoughts on Collecting Books as Works of Art, & a book review for “Train Depots”. Page 5.

2011 Sept. “The Microbibliophile” Vol, 30, No 6. “Thoughts on Collecting Books as Works of Art” by Peter Thomas. Page 12.

2011 Sept, “Bound and Lettered” Vol 9, No 3. “A Traveling Artist’s Book” Page 15, by Peter Thomas.

2011, Nov. “The Microbibliophile” vol 30, No 7. “Thoughts on Collectiong Books as Works of Art, Text as Content, by Peter Thomas. Page 20.

2012, Jan. “The Vandercook 100” by Heather Mitchell. A book which features Vandercook printers.

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