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Lectures (we did not document our lectures before 1995)
Peter and Donna Thomas
260 Fifteenth Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 475-1455
Lectures: Updated 12/2011

1995 November: Lecture, Printmaking class, University of New York, Buffalo.

1995 November: Lecture, Books of Papermaker Printers, Dieu Donne Papermill, New York

1996 January. Lecture: Book Club of California. Books of Twentieth Century Papermaker/Printers.

1995 February: Teknikon Natal, Durban, South Africa. Lecture: The Fine Press Artists’ Book.

1996 February. Visiting lecturer: UCSC Printmaking Department’s Book Arts Class

1996 April: Australia. Canberra College of Art. Lecture to college "The Book as Art" Papermakers of New South Wales, Lecture: The Gospel of the Book According to Peter.

1996 October University of the Arts Philadelphia PA, lecture: The Fine Press Artist Book

1996 October Rutgers College, Nw Brunswick NJ, silde lecture The Fine Press Atrist Book

1996 October: Claremont College. Slide lecture at the Scripps College Press.

1997 January. The Caxton Club, Chicago. Lecture: The Work of Peter and Donna Thomas.

1997 January. Columbia College Chicago Center for the Book and Paper Arts. Slide lecture: The Work of Peter and Donna Thomas.

1997 September 26, Book Forums, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Lecture, Fall book arts lecture series: Peter and Donna Thomas.

1997 September 30, Silver Buckle Press, Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin, Madison: Lecture: The Book as Art.

1997 October 1, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, Lecture: Exploring the Literary Book as an Object.

1997 Oct 2, McCabe Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA, Lecture: Aesthetics of a book: The Book as Art.

1998 Feb 15. Mills College, Oakland CA. Panel discussion by Jurors of Dressing the Text.

1998 May 7 The San Francisco Public Library. Lecture: The Future of the Book in the Computer Age.

1998 May 29 The Southwest Crafts Center, San Antonio, TX. Lecture: The Literary Book as an Aesthetic Object.

1998 July 23 Friends of Dard Hunter, Burlington VT. Lecture: On the work displayed in the Fleming Museum Exhibit.

1998 Sept 5. The Miniature Book Society, Charleston SC. Lecture Contemporary Miniature Books

1998 Sept 24 The Winterthur Conservation Department. Presentation: Handmade Paper in Modern Books.

1998 Sept 30 The University of Northern Colorado. Lecture: Peter Thomas: Papermaker, Printer, Book Artist.

1998 Oct 1. The Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers, Denver, CO. Lecture. Developing an Aesthetic Vocabulary for the Book.

1998 Nov 16 The Book Club of California, San Francisco CA. Lecture: Peter and Donna Thomas and the Work of Their Press.

1998 Nov 17.South Bay chapter of the Women’s Caucus for the Arts, Palo Alto CA. Lecture: The Book as Art.

1999 Feb 24 Lecture: Book as Art University of Florida Orlando, FL

1999 Nov 22 “Great Things Come in Small Packages” Rutgers University Library 15th annual Lewis Bishop Lecture.

2000 Mar 12 Lecture to book arts class. Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Portland, OR.

2000 Aug 1. The Ergonomics of hand papermaking. IAPMA Congress, Spineto, Italy

2001 Mar 6. The Literary Book as Art. Southwest School of Art and Craft. San Antonio, TX

2001 Mar. 10. The Book as Art. Austin Guild of Book Workers, Austin TX.

2001 Mar. 10. The Miniature Book as a Literary Work of Art. Gallery 424. Galveston, TX.

2001 Sept 6. Art Undercover. Museum of Art and History Santa Cruz, Ca.

2001 Oct 22. The Literary Book as a Work of Art. Yale University Library. New Haven CT.

2001 Oct 23. Artists Books and the Work of Peter annd Donna Thomas. Rhode Island School of Design. Providence RI.

2002 January 10. The Book as Art. Visual Studies Class, University of California at Santa Cruz, Sant Cruz, CA

2002 April 16. Lecture to Idenity Design class. SDSU, San Diego, CA

2002 Oct 14. The Book as Art. Walker Library, Middle Tennessee State University.

2002 Oct 19. Watermarked Handmade Paper - the Wolfswinkle Mill. FDH Conference. Portland OR.

2003 April 30. The Literary Book as a Work of Art. Arlington Center for the Arts for Boston Book Arts. Boston MA

2003 March 4. Lecture to Book Binding classes at the North Bennet Street School, Boston MA

2003 March 4. Lecture to Papermaking and Book Binding classes at the Museum School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA

2003 August 4. The Burning of Chinese Cerimonial Papers. IAPMA Geneva, Switxerland.

2003 Sept 19. Printing Miniature Books. The King Library. The University of Kentucky. Lexington, Ky

2003 Oct 5. The Literary Book as a Work of Art. Wells College. Aurora NY

2003 Nov 7. Books as Four Dimensional Art. SDSU Rare Book Library. San Diego, CA

2004 March 3. The Ukulele Book Series. Center  for the Arts, Murphreesboro, TN

2004, July 18, The Artist's Book: Four Dimensional Art. Monterey Museum of Art. Monterey, CA

2005 January 27. Making More Making Books by Hand. Bookshop Santa Cruz

2005 February 17 The Literary Book as a Work of Art. UCSC Friends of the Library

2005 Feb 24. The Book as Art. Intermedia 2. UCSC

2005 Mar 20. Miniature Books, The McCune Library. Vallejo, CA

2005 June 4, Gallery talk - The Ukulele Book Series. Cincinnati Public Library.

2005 July 24, Banquet speaker. Miniature Book Society Annual Meeting. New Orleans.

2005 July 27, The Artist's Book: Four Dimensional Art. Book Forms lecture series. Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver, Canada

2006 Nov 3 Museum of Indian Arts and Culture Auditorium 710 Camino Lejo, on Museum Hill. “ THE ARTISTS’ BOOK: Four Dimensional Art”, Santa Fe, NM.

2005 Nov 11. Book Signing Party for More Making Books By Hand. San Francisco Center for the Book. SF, CA.

2007 Jan 30. Lecture for Book Arts Class, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

2007 Apr 13. Luncheon lecture at the Caxton Club in Chicago, IL.

2007 Apr 13 Evening Lecture at Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL.

2007 Apr 16. "Artists Books Are the Bargain of the Art World" Gallery talk/lecture by Peter Thomas at the Susan Hensel Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

2008 Mar 25. “What Is a Miniature Book? (And How Do You Find One If You Drop It?)” Minnesota Center for the Book Arts , Minneapolis, MN.

2008 Oct 13. Book Arts class, Art 124. University of California, Santa Cruz.

2008 Oct 17, Lecture on the book arts at the Volcano Center, Volcano, HI

2008 Nov 5, Sacramento Book Arts Lecture: “The Artists' Book: Four Dimensional Art”, Sacramento, CA.

2008 Nov 11, Peter and Donna Thomas will be talking about their work to the Colophon Club in San Francsico, CA

2009 Mar 12. Lecture and presentation to the Ampersand Club in Minneapolis, MN.

2009 Mar 14. ” Ukulele-O-Rama!” Concert at MCBA's studios. Join Peter and Donna for a few songs and a spirited presentation of their unique books crafted from functioning ukuleles and other found objects, Minnesota Center for the Book, Minneapolis, MN.

2009 Mar 16. Masters in Library and Information Science. Community Night Lecture Series: “The Artists' Book: Four Dimensional Art”,

Coeur de Catherine 005. The College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN.

2009 May 30. ”The Literary Book as a Work of Art and a Musical Instrument.” Book Arts Gallery, International Printing Museum. 315 Torrance Blvd, Carson, CA

From May 2010 to June 2011, Peter and Donna traveled as the “Wandering Book Artists”. On this trip Peter gave 28 lectures always singing "What's a Book" while playing his ukulele book. A few of the talks are listed below

2010, May 7. “Gypsy Wagons and Miniature Books: Peter and Donna Thomas Bringing Book Arts to the People”. Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City, UT. (On our Wandering Book Arts trip with the caravan).

2011 May, 19, “What is a Book? What is an Artists’ Book?” ScriptaLab Talk 7 by Peter Thomas, Colorado University Boulder Libraries. See on Youtube.

2011 June 17. The Long Memory, Gyspy Wagons and Miniature Books” with Duncan Phillips and Mike Iverson at Ken Sanders Rare Books, SLC, UT.

2011 October. The history and future of the book. Last lecture given at Book Jam lecture series.

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