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Articles and Essays on the Book Arts by Peter Thomas

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Does an accordion by any other name still fold the same? (2018)
(from blog of the Wandering Book Artists April 17, 2018)

The Accordion and the Book. A definition and history of the accordion book. (2016) as text.
as PDF from Bound and Lettered: Fall 2016

Musings on Victor Hammer's unique character for the personal “I” in his uncial type faces (2012)
(from the Fine Press Book Association's Parenthesis)

Classifying Artists' Books by their Structure (2012)
(from the introduction to 1000 Artists' Books. Quarry Books)

The Blog of the Wandering Book Artists (2010-2019)

A Surfer Book Artist's Statement (2010)

Miniature Books (2009)

A Paper/Book Artist at Burning Man (2006)

On Galleries and White Gloves (2006)

The Fine Press Artist's Book (2003)

The Manifesto of a Book Artist (2001)

A Collection of Thoughts on the Book Arts (2001)
Artist Book Review

The Gospel of the Book According to Peter (1995)
Quarry West

The Future of the Book as Art (1994)
(California State Library Foundation Bulletin

Fine Bookmaking (1993)
(The Private Library: Quarterly Journal for the Private Library Association)

Reflections (1992)
(California State Library Foundation Bulletin)

The Good Book Press (1987)

On Being a Papermaker at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire


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