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Peter and Donna Thomas
260 Fifteenth Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 475-1455
Shows and Exhibitions: * indicates there is a catalog for the show. Updated 12-2011.

1983 Breaking the Bindings; Madison, Wisconsin. Juried.*
1983 Santa Cruz Printers’ Chappel Book Arts Exhibition, Santa Cruz, California*
1983 Miniaturna Knjiga, International Exhibition of Miniature Books: Ljubjana, Yugoslavia*
1985-1995 Western Books Exhibit, a traveling exhibition, Western USA*
1986 Santa Cruz Printers’ Chappel Book Arts Exhibition, Santa Cruz, California*
1986 Santa Cruz Printers; San Francisco Public Library San Francisco, California
1987 Miniature Books: Gleeson Library, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California
1988 East-West: Hand Papermaking Traditions and Innovations:The University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware*
1988 Forwarding The Book in California; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
1988-1995 Miniature Book Exhibition: A Traveling Exhibit of the Miniature Book Society*
1989 (Aug 1- Sept 8), Fine Letterpress Printing on Handmade Paper: The Getchell Library, University of Nevada, Reno *(Introduction to catalogue of show written by Peter Thomas)
1989 (Sept 21-Nov 4) Het liep in de paperen: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, The Netherlands*
1990 Miniature Books: The Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Scotland.
1991 (Jan 28-March 9) Bay Area Bookmaking: The Art and Craft Tradition: California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California
1991 Progressions in Paper: Cultural Arts Center, Athens, Ohio*
1991 California Artists Books: The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, California.
1991 Santa Cruz Printers’ Chappel Book Arts Exhibition: The Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, California*
1992 Word & Image: Pacific Center for the Book Arts, Civic Center Public Library, San Francisco, California*
1992 American Book Arts: Istvan Kiraly Muzeum, Szekesfehervar, Hungary. Invitational.*
1992 Fine Printers Finely Bound Too: Guild of Bookworkers, a traveling exhibition, California, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania*
1992 5th Annual Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. Juried. Distinguished Book Award: The Pretty Rocks.*
1993 The Well Crafted Book: The Oregon Books Arts Guild, Oregon State Library, Portland, Oregon*
1993 Hands at Work: A Celebration of American Book Crafts: Gorgas Library, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
1993 Off the Wall - Functional Fine Art: The Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, California
1994 Masters of the Craft. Center for the Book Arts, New York, New York
1994 Work Book: Journals and Journeys, (Sept 16-Nov 18) Columbia College for Paper and Book Arts, Chicago Illinois
1994 Bookworks (Nov 5 - Dec 31) Pacific Center for the Book Arts. San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA*
1994 Between Friends. An exhibition of Books, Broadsides, and other Printed Objects Utilizing Handmade papers. (Sept 17-Oct 22) The Pump House Gallery, Chillicothe, Ohio
1994 Artful Letters.  Celebration of Contemporary Calligraphy, Small Press Books and Poetry of the Monterey Bay Region. (Sept 24-Oct 22) Pajaro Valley Gallery, Watsonville, CA.
1994 Veertien Nederlandse Papierkunstenaars (July 28-Sept 15) Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, The Netherlands*
1994 Suitcase Art, IAPMA Congress 1994, The Netherlands*
1994 Paper: a Common Ground. Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, NY*
1994-5 November-December, held over 'till February: Broadsides, Books and Ephemera of The Good Book Press, Propriotors, Peter and Donna Thomas. University of Alabama.
1995 part of a show formed from participants of the 1994 Oak Knoll Book Fair. First at Alderman Library, Ohio State University, Athens, Ohio
1995 February: Western Book Exhibit, A Story of Life.
1995 March-April. Books as Art. Niagara Community College. Niagara Falls, NY* A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf.
1995 March: Works of and on Paper: Paper View. Santa Cruz art league. Paper
1995 March. What a Load of Rubbish. National Art Gallery. Harare, Zimbabwe
1995 April-May. Dressing the Text::The Fine Press Artists Book. Art Museum of Santa Cruz County. * A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf. JUROR
1995 April-May: Art of Handmade Paper, An Invitational Exhibition. Danville Fine Arts Gallery, Danville, CA. Six books, one sold at show
1995 June12-Aug11 The Contemporary Fine Press. The Golda Mier Library, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI.
1995 June: Focus On Structure, The Oregon Guild of Bookworkers, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon. A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf Book was one of few which were purchased at show.
1995 Sept-Nov: Contemporary Paper Art Works '95 Imadate Art Hall, Imadate, Fukui, Japan. Special binding of Papermaking Rhyme.
1995 October: Paperworks Austin. The Tarrytown Gallery, Austin, Texas. A Collection of Paper Samples....
1996 January: Paper: an Exhibition. 11 books. Peter gave key note talk titled "Limited Edition Books of 20th Century Papermaker-Printers.
1996 February: Western Book Exhibit, Climb the Mountains.
1996 April-December: Santa Cruz Printers' Chappel. Four venues, Harvard, Brown, Univ of Vermont, Ohio State University.
1996 May: International Artist Books Exhibition: Budapest, Prague*
1996 May-June:  Endangered: The 4th Oregon Book Biennial. Trout and Tarantella Rose.*
1996 May June: Grolier Club, New Members Exhibition, Gary Strong's copy of Tarantella Rose.
1996 June: Bookends: Individual Perspectives and Impressed: Humboldt State University. North Redwoods Book Arts Conference.
1996 June-July. Peter and Donna Thomas: County of Santa Cruz Government Center.
1996 August. Post Denmarks Mail Art Exhibition. Copenhagen*
1996 October. Turning the Page: International Book Arts Exhibit. Honolulu Hawaii* Ukulele Accordion.
1996 October-December. Science Imagined an exhibition of books as art. Berkeley Art Center* Mac’s ABCs.
1996-7 October. Paper Bound: A showcase of Contemporary Papermakers and Bookbinders. Guild of Bookworkers Traveling Exhibit.*
1996-7 November. Shape-Shifiting: Transformations in the Art of the Book: U of Northern Colorado.* (also made a slide catalog). Tarantella Rose. Show Travels.
1997 February: Western Book Exhibit, Bird Word.
1997, March 6-April13, No Boundries: A Collection of Artists Books. The Cambridge Artists Cooperative, Cambridge MA. 7 miniatures , Tarentella Rose, Meditations at the Edge
1997 May 11-June 28. Book Works PCBA biennial Members exhibition, SF Public Library. Pandora’s Box.
1997 May 5- June 26. Focus on Content. Valley Art Center. Forest Grove OR. Meditations at the Edge featured in announcement card.
1997 May 29-July 31.The 1997 Helen DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Award for American Bookbinding. Bridwell Library, SMU. * Award, Innovative Design.
1997 June 1-30. Artist Books. Oculus Gallery, Seattle WA. Macs ABCs
1997June 27- Aug 1 Extremely Small Books. Columbia College Chicago. Chicago IL 8 books.
1997 Sept. 10th Annual Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. Juried. Distinguished Book Award: Forty.*
1997 Sept 4-Oct 16. Pulp and Water: Contemporary Ppaer Art. Lynn House Gallery Antioch, CA.Forty, The View From Mt Dana, Pandora's Box.
1997 Sept 12-Oct 20. The Open Book, Dancing Horse Studio, Denver Colorado. Forty, The View From Mt Dana, Pandora's Box all sold.
1997 Sept 24-Oct 24. Peter and Donna Thomas, Letterpress Printed and Handbound books. McCabe Library, Swarthmore College. Swarthmore, PA
1997 Sept 25-Oct 25. Miniature Books: Peter and Donna Thomas. Santa Cruz Metro Center. Santa Cruz, CA
1997 Oct 3-25. The Art and Soul of the Handmade Book, Blue Heron Gallery, Vashon Is, WA. The View From Mt Dana, Invitational
1997 Oct 24-Nov 16 Invitational Art Show, Santa Cruz Mountans Art Center, Ben Lomond CA. Mirage
1997 Oct 24-Nov 29. The Uncommon Book II, Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities. Sun Valley ID. Pandora's Box. Purchase Award.
1997 Nov 4-Dec 28 Hand Bookbinders of CA 25th Anniversary Members Exhibition. SF Public Library, SF CA. Forty, The View From Mt Dana, A Brief History of the Ukulele  MAC's A B C's.*
1998 Feb 4- May 30. State of the Book: Artist’s Books of Wisconsin. Traveling show with 4 venues. 2 one of a kind books
1998 Twenty Years of Books from the Press of Peter and Donna Thomas. Feb28-Apr1 Dieu Donne NY, March 1-31 UCLA Research Library, May 5-June 28 San Francisco Public Library, Oct 19-Nov 27 Book Club of California.
1998 April 1- June1. The Book as a Work of Art. Queens Library, Jamaica, NY. Invitaitonal. Tarentella Rose on video display.
1998 May 15-June 20. Bookatecture: Artists’s Books and Book Furnishings. Astra Design, Richmond VA. Invitational show
1998 May 21-25. Paper Art Show. Immage+Communication, Torino Italy. Forty
1998 Eleventh annual Miniature Book Exhibition. The Miniature Book Society. Distinguished Book Award. Almost Paper.*
1998 May 28-June 19. The Art of Paper, The West Coast Paper Company, Kent, Washington. Juried. Nature’s Heart
1998-9 June 5 - Nov 26, 1999 Westward Bound. Traveling show with 9 venues in the USA, University of Utah. Juried.* Almost Paper, and Nature's Heart.
1998-9 June 11-Nov 19 1999. Art of the Book 98.  Traveling show with 7 venues in the USA, Canadian Bookbinders and Book Arts Guild, Toronto, Canada. Juried.* Pandora's Box and Meditations at the Edge.
1998-9 June 15-Jan 16 1999 Book as Art X, The National Museum of Woman in the Arts, Washington DC* Sierra Bear.
1998 July 21-25 Dard Hunter and the 20th Century Hand Papermaking Reniassance. Flemming Museum Burlington VT. Hunter, Mason, Morris and our books.
1998 Sept. 11th Annual Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. Juried. Distinguished Book Award: Almost Paper.*
1998 Oct 5-30. Book/Art/Book, Artist Bookworks Houston, The Houston Public Library, TX. Invitational
1998 Oct 11- Nov 15. Bound to Amaze You. Koret Gallery, Palo Alto, CA. Sponsored by Womens Caucus for Art. Oct 27 lecture by P&D Thomas: The Book as Art*Invitational
1998 Nov 15-Dec 31 Hand Bookbinders of CA 26th Annual Members Exhibition. SF Public Library, SF CA. Four Views of Kealakekua Bay and Nature’s Heart
1998 Nov 17-Dec30. Wonderland. 5th Oregon Book Biennial. Collins Gallery, Portland. Oregon Book Arts Guild.Juried. Old Father William.
1998-9 Nov21-Feb 27 Outwest: the Artists’ Book in California. The Center for Book Arts, NY. Meditations at the Edge, deluxe. Invitational
1998-9 Adecedarium. Traveling show with venues in the USA.Juried. The Guild of Bookworkers. Mac’s ABCs.*
1998-99 Dec 4-Feb 20. Story:Telling. Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Juried. The Ukulele Accordion.
1999 Jan 28-March 6. Bound to Happen: West Virginia University Book Arts Invitational. Pandora’s Box, Forty, A 1000 Mile Walk to the Gulf.
1999 March 4-April 1. Book Arts: Images & Words. Cambridge Artists Collective’s third biannual book arts show. Juried. We were featured artists. 7 minis, 5 one of a kind.
1999 May 20-June 6. The Art of Paper. The West Coast Paper Co. Seattle, WA. Juried. Almost Paper. Sold at show
1999 June 9-July 31. Book works. The Pacific Center for the Book Arts at the SF Public Library.
1999. Sept. 12th Annual Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. Juried. Distinguished Book Award: Four Views of Kealekekua Bay.*
1999 Sept 6-Nov 17. Scrolling the Page. American Print Alliance. Juried. Four Views of Kealakekua Bay, Pandora’s Box. Chosen for special honors. Web display and show at the University of Savannah.
1999-2000. Northwest Bookfest Book Arts Exhibition. Juried. Paper From Plants.
1999 October 5 - 28. Book Makers: West Coast. Artisans, Mill Valley. Juried. Paper From Plants.
1999 Nov 4 - Dec 31. Hand Bookbinders of California 27th Annual Members’ Exhibition. SF Public Library. Architectural Concepts, Nature is Always Lovely
2000 Jan 19- Feb 28. Artists’ Books: Visual Literary Expressions. Northcutt Steele Gallery, Montana State Univ, Billings,Montana. Invitational. Song of Creation, Four Views of Kealakekua Bay. Books purchased at show.
2000 Jan 30-April 8. Paper: Trivia and Treasure. Goldstein Gallery, Univ of Minnesota. Invitational. Almost Paper
2000 Western Book Exhibit. Rounce and Coffin Club. Juried. Song of Creation.
2000 Feb 11-25. Archibookture. Ludington Gallery, Colombia College, Chicago, Il. Unique column book.
2000 Mar 30-June 30. Horace: A Philadelphia Collection. The Free Library of Philadelphia. Keepsake: Horace.
2000 April 1-30. Local Essence. Santa Cruz Art League Gallery. Paper From Plants.
2000 April 13- May 6 Book Nook: An Interactive Environment for Exploring Artists’ Books. Works Gallery. San Jose. Invitational.  Paradise.*
2000 June 1-30. Small Sanctuaries. The Oregon Book Arts Guild 6th Biennial. Oblation Gallery, Portland, OR. Juried, Catalog. Four Views Of Kealakekua Bay.*
2000 June 16-Aug 12. The Helen DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition 2000. Bridwell Library, SMU, Dallas TX. Unique scrolling copy of James Joyce's Ulysses. Awarded prize: Judges Distinction for Innovation.*
2000  7th biennial Carl Hertzog Book Design Award competition. Paper from Plants. Purchased by UTEP.
2000 July 1- August 31. Kalligraphia 2000. SF Public Library. Nature is Always Lovely.
2000 Sept. 13th Annual Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. Juried. Distinguished Book Award: A Brief History of the Ukulele.*
2000 Oct 1-31. Badwater Book Invitational. UW Parkside Library, Kenosha, WI. If It Were Up to Me.
Oct 3-27. Books: Four Dimensional Art. The Work of Peter and Donna Thomas. Monterey Peninsula College Art Department Gallery. Monterey, CA. Solo retrospective show.
2000 Oct 5-- 2002 June 27. Best of the Best. Guild Of Book Workers. Traveling show. Juried. Meditations at the Edge (special copy).*
2000 Oct 5-Nov 29. Paper in the Millennium. The Robert Ferst Center for the Arts. Atlanta GA. Juried. Paper from Plants.
2000 Oct 21-2 & 29-Nov 14. Northwest Bookfest Book Arts Exhibition 2000. Seattle, WA and Portland OR. Juried. If It Were Up to Me.
2000 Nov 2-18. Apocalypse. The 2nd International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius '00. Vilnius, Lithuania. Juried. Pandora's Box.*
2000-2001 Dec 1-Jan 5. Small Packages. The Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA. A collection of Miniature books.
2001 Jan 20-March 16. Hand Bookbinders of California 28th Members Exhibition. SF Public Library, SF, CA. Natures Heart*
2001 March 1-April 1. Book Arts: Images and Words. Cambridge Artists Cooperative, Cambridge, MA. Invitational.
2001 Mar 10-April 8. Island Postcards. State Library of Tasmania. Hobart, Australia. Invitational. Two unique book postcards.
2001 March 10 -April 10. Books as Four Dimensional Art: the work of Peter and Donna Thomas. Studio 424, Galveston, TX. Smaller Retrospective show.
2001 June 7- Aug 3.Book Works, the 10th Biennial PCBA members Exhibition. Sf Public Library, SF,CA. Paper from Plants*
2001 June 15-29. Art on Hangers. Hungarian Consulate, NY. Invitational. Artist book on coat hanger "My grandma used to". Show travelled to Hungry April/May 2003
2001 July 14-Sept 11. Books as Art: Art as Books. Triton Museum of Art, San Jose, CA. Paper from Plants. Juried. Received Juror's personal best of show.
2001 August 11- Oct 28. Art Undercover. The Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA. Retrospective show featuring paper, Sierra and instrument books./`
2001 Oct. 21-22. Northwest Bookfest. Book Arts Exhibition. Stadium exhibition center, Seattle, Wa. Juried. Traveled. Mushroom ABC
2001 Nov 6-Dec 30. Hand Bookbinders of California 29th Members Exhibition. Thomas Goldwasser Rare Books. SF, CA. Mushroom ABC
2002 March 22-May 31. Celebrating Teachers as Artists. San Francisco Center for the Book, SF. CA. Lear Pencil, West-East: A Sierra Journey.
2002-3 March 4-Jan 5. Temptations, Book as art XIV, National Museum of Women in the Arts. Washington DC. Escape *
2002 May 1-June 21. Wonen and the Book Arts in California, 1930-2000. Gleeson Library University of San Francisco, CA.
2002 July 6-August 28. Flag Books. The Seventh Oregon Book Biennial, Oregon Book Arts Guild. Portland, OR. Paradise, Meditations*
2002 Aug-Nov. Four Dimensional Art: The Books of Peter and Donna Thomas. James E Walker Library, Tennesee State University, Murfreesboro, TN.
2002 September 13-October 26. The Third National Book and Paper Arts Biennial. Colombia College, Chicago, Il. The Real Accordion Book.*
2002 September 21- November 9. The Forth Biennial Artists' Book Juried Exhibition. Athenaeum Music and Arts Library. Ukulele Flap Book.
2002 October. Peter and Donna Thomas. Santa Cruz Public Library. SC, CA
2002 Oct 3- 27. The FDH Juried Member Exhibition. Oregon College of Art and Craft. Portland OR. The Real Concertina Binding.
2002 Oct 1- Dec 20. Interpreting the Words 30 Years of Work from the Cowell Press. McHenry Library,  University of California at Santa Cruz, CA The Dwarf, Poster
2002 Nov 6- Jan 3. Hand Bookbinders of California 30th annual Exhibition. San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA. The Principles of Good Dress.*
2003 March 6 -April 6. Book Arts 2003 the 5th Biannual Book Arts Show. The Cambridge Artists Cooperative, Cambridge, MA. (miniature books)
2003 April 3 - June 14. Letterpress Showcase. The Center for Book Arts. New York, NY. Paper from Plants.
2003 April 3 -May 3. The Spines that Bind: A Survey of Contemporary Artist-Made Books. Fine Arts Gallery, Buddy Holly Center, Lubbock TX. Ulysses, Meditations at the Edge.*
2003 April/May. We Love Our Customers. 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
2003 May 15 - June 15. 23 Sins. The 3rd International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius '03. Contemporary Arts Center. Vilnius, Lithuania. Juried. Will travel 2004 Frankfurt Book Messe,
2003 June 6-July 28. The Helen DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition 2003. Bridwell Library, SMU, Dallas TX. Unique scroll binding of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn.*
2003 July1 - August 30. Museo Internazionale Dell'Automobile Ginevra. Geneva Switzerland. California Dreaming.
2003 July 14 - Sept 12. A Fantiastical Collection of Two Extraordinary Collecters. The Mechanics Library. San Francisco. Artist Book O-Meter, The Real Concertina Binding.*
2003 Sept 1-23. 2003 Instructors' Exhibition. The Center for Book Arts. New York, NY. Sacco and Vanseti, Time I$.
2003. Sept 2-. Hand Book BIndiers of California 31st Annual Exhibition. Thomas Goldwasser Gallery. SF. Cannery Row, Covering Ground.
2003 Sept 19 - June 2005. The Art of the Book '03. Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild. Half Done.*
2003 September 19 - October 10, 2004 Gallery Gravicel, Lille, France The 23 Sins of St. Peter.*
2003 Septembr 7- Oct 22. under cover:  book arts. The saint louis artists' guild. St. Louis MO. The real accordion book.*
2003 October 23- July 17 2005. In Flight. The Guild of Book Workers. The History and Dangers of Flight.*
2003 October . Miniature Book Exhibition.  Wildflowers given distinguished book award. *
2003 November  1-Jan 4 2004. Book Words 2003. PCBA at the SF Public Library. The Real Accordion Book.*
2003 November 5-30.  Paper the Art and the Craft. Gallery 401. Providence, RI. Ukulele Book 23. Song of Creation, Time is.
2004 March 5-June 4 Fine Printing and Bookmaking in Santa Cruz. SFCB San Francisco, CA. Tarantella Rose, K-Bay, Single Day.*
2004 March 5- April 4. The Ukulele Book Series. Center for the Arts. Murphreesboro, TN
2004 March 5-June 4 Fateful Attractions: FIne Printing & Bookmaking in Santa Cruz. The San Francisco Center for the Book.* T Rose,K Bay,?
2004 March 29-April 27. Matter and Spirit: The Genesis and Evolution of the Book. Wells College Book Arts Center. Aurora, New York. Meditations at the Edge.
2004 April 11- 2005. Stand and Deliver. National traveling show. Ukulele Series #23.
2004 April 28-June 12. Journals of Discovery Collins Gallery. Multnomah Library, Portland OR. West to East.*
2004 May 8-Sept 5. Off the Press: Handmade and Letterpress Books. Monterey Musem of Art. Monterey, CA. 7 books
2004 May 21-July 2. Peter and Donna Thomas The Ukulele Series and Other Sculptural Books. Appalachian Center for Crafts. Cookeville TN.
2004-5. Turning Pages: A collection of artists' books. Wichita Art Museum. The Train Comes to Wichita.
2004 August 30-Sept 17 . West of 105 Degrees Longitude. Transition Gallery, Idaho State University, Pocatello and October 2-21. Spori Ballery at BYU-Idaho. No Form of Love.
2004 September 10 - October 29. All Things Electoral. Susan Hensel Design. Minneapolis, MN. Salt is Good.
2005 Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. All year traveling show.
“No Form of Love”.
2005 May 1 - June 30. The Ukulele Book Series. Cincinnati Public Library. Solo show.
2005 June 15-18. Resonance and Response. Wellesley College Library. Meditations at the Edge.*
2005 Sep 15 - Nov 1. The Ukulele Book Series. Cerritos Public Library. Solo show.
2006 Jan 14 - Mar 19. Book Works. PCBA, SF Public Library. Papermaking in the Philippines.*
2006 Feb 3 - Apr 28. Photobooks now. An exhibition of booksworks by photographers and artists. The San Francisco Center for the Book. San Francisco, CA. Camera Books from “More Making Books by Hand”.
2006 May 18-Jul 8. Ignited Binding Competition. Minnesota Center for Book Arts. One of 35 Bindings on display.
2006 May 20 - September 17. IV. International Artists' Book Exhibition. The King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary.
2006 June 2-july 21. The Helen W DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition for Americam Bookbinding. Bridwell Library, Dallas Tx. Ficciones by JL Borges.*
2006 Instructors show at Penland
2006 October 7-8 Oak Knoll Book Fest, New Castle, DE.
2006 Nov 1-16. Hunt and Gather Gallery. Sante Fe, NM.
Miniature Books by Peter and Donna Thomas.
2006 Dec 5-25. 4th international Artist's  Book triennial Vilnius, Lithuania. A long way home.*
2007 March 2 - April 28. Reader's Art 7: Frugal Finds for Prudent Collectors
Susan Hensel Gallery, Minneapolis MN Time I$.
2007 Feb 12 - June 17. “
California Printers in the Fine Press Tradition. 1975-2006.” Green Library, Stanford University, Palo Alto, “Paper From Plants”
2007 June 1-6. The 4th Seoul International Book Arts Fair, Soule Korea. 15 of our miniature books.
2007-8 August 11 - January 31. The Ukulele and You. The Museum of Making Music. Carlsbad, CA. 5 Ukulele Series Books
2007-8 November 16 – March 9. “little”. Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum. Wilmington, North Carolina. Five miniature books
2007-8 December 15 - February 3. Things that Roll. Santa Cruz Musum of Art and History. Santa Cruz, CA. The Train Comes to Wichita
2008 May 1, Boston Public Library, “Miniature Books, 4,000 Years of Tiny Treasures”, Boston MA. “Time I$”.
2008 Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. All year traveling show.
“In the San Joaquin Valley” and “Train Depots” and “Arriving in Yosemite”.
2008 Feb 9-? Carl Hertzog Book Design Exhibition. El Paso, TX. History of Papermaking.
2008 Jul 1 – Sep 26. “Bookworks 2008” Pacific Center for Book Arts Triennial Members’ Exhibition. San Francisco Public Library, SF, CA. “In the San Joaquin Valley”.
2008 Sep 19 – Nov 8. “Modest (in scale)”. Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO.
2008 Sep 30 – Oct 26. The Art of the Book ’08. Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Miniature Leaf Books, The Mystical Quality of Handiwork.
2008 Dec 18 to 2009 Apr 19. “Text/Messages: Books by Artists. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN. “Cannery Row”.
2008 - Sep 30, 2008 - Jan 5, 2011 “Art of the Book 08” (a traveling exhibition)
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, Toronto Canada.
2008 Jul 1 – Sep 26. “The 13th Triennial Member Show: BookWorks 2008”. Patricia Wakida, Curator. “In the San Joaquin Valley”. Special Collections, San Francisco Public Library, SF, CA.
2008 October 18. “Bay Area Book Jam”  (book fair) at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA.
2009 Miniature Book Exhibition. Miniature Book Society. All year traveling show.
“Glen Dawson”, “Beauty” and “A Poem”.
2009 February 8-11,
Peter and Donna Thomas will be selling their books at the CODEX book fair in Berkeley CA.
2009 Feb 13 – Jun 13. “Alphabet Soup: : Literacy, Language and Learning”, Mission Houses Museum, Honolulu, HI. #23 Ukulele Series Book.
2009 February 14 - March 15, “The Ukulele Books of Peter and Donna Thomas”, Open Book Gallery, Minnesota Center for the Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN.
2009 Apr 2 – 26. “Pictures and Pages”, Ice House Gallery, Berkeley Springs, IL. Four one of a kind scrolling books.
2009 April 25 - August 9. “Notes from Santa Cruz: The County's Musical History and Compositions: Contemporary Artists
” The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA. “Ukulele books number 14, 17 and 22” on display.
2009 May 2- June 5.
”The book art works of Peter and Donna Thomas”
International Printing Museum,
315 Torrance Blvd, Carson, CA
2009 May 4 – June 3: Beaverton City Library, OR. Jue 3 – 28: Pacific University Library, Forest Grove, OR. “Focus on Book Arts” An exhibit featuring the Faculty and Staff of the Ninth Focus on Book Arts Conference.
2009 Dec 11 - 17: “Art in Small Packages”, “4th International Biennal of Contemporary Art”, Baku, Azerbaijan. “Time I$.”
2009 Oct 12 – Jan 4: “Make an Impression”, FDH show. Neely Gallery, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia. “Glen Dawson”.
2009 – 2010. “Monumental Ideas Miniature Books” show, China, Spain. Special binding of “Two Sisters.”*
2010 Jan – Mar. Show at Sesnon Gallery, UCSC: “Book as Medium: Holding/Witholding Text.” Ukulele Book #8, Time I$.
2010, Jan 27 – Mar 6. “Book As Medium: Holding/Withholding Text.” At the Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA. “Mystic Isles of the South Seas”, a ukulele book. , Time I$.
2010 March 27 – July 25. “Surf City Santa Cruz: A Wave of Inspiration” at the Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA. Installation of wooden shoes by Peter Thomas.
2010, April 2 – 30. “The Illustrated Accordion”, Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, MI. “The Accordion Book, 2010.” Our accordion book is on exhibit postcard.
2010 July 11 – Sep 19.”Unbound” a National Exhibition of Book Art at the Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA.
2010 Aug 7 – November 14. “It’s in the Pulp, The Art of Papermaking in Santa Cruz” at the Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz.
2010, Oct 3 – 29. “Book Arts 2010” at the Bright Hill Literary Center, Treadwell, NY.*
2011 – 2013. “Monumental Ideas Miniature Books” traveling show, China, Spain. Special binding of “The Donkey and the Thistle”*
2011 Miniature Book Society show at University of Kentucky, Lexington.
2011 May 7 – Aug 10. “the Future of the Book is here” at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Florida Atlantic University Libraries. Desiderata broadside
2011 May 16 – July 15, “Peter and Donna Thomas: Paper, Books and Passion”, Special Collections Dept, Univ. of CO, Boulder, CO.
2011 June 18 – Aug 7. “Bookworks 2011” 14th Triennial Members’ Exhibition Pacific Center For the Book Arts. Not Paper*
2011 Aug 25 – Sep 21. “Women Over 25, Letterpress Printing for Over a Quarter of a Century” at Scripps College, Claremont, CA.
2011 Sep 9 - Oct 22, “The Asian Connection: Art in a Global Age” at Towson Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University, towson, MD. “Meditations at the Edge”.
2011, Sep 21 – Oct 30. “Paper and Type-Print” the Cheongju International Craft Biennale at the Cheongjijusi Korean Craft Museum. Page 150, “Not Paper” *
2011, Oct 1. “The Los Angeles Printers Fair” at the International Printing Museum. Carson, CA
2011 Oct 15, “Book Arts Jam” at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA
2011, Nov 1 – Dec 31. Display of ukulele books at the Live Oak Branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library.
2012 Jan 5 – 7. CBAA National Biennial Conference. “Book Art in the 21st Century”. Pencil and Time I$ in juried exhibit at SF Public Library


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