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What do Flowers Add to my Wedding?

Your wedding bouquet helps focus attention on the bridal couple and sets the mood for your joyful day. Flowers add living color from nature to enhance the natural beauty of the bride. When this mood is reflected in other ceremonial arrangements, such as aisle flowers and table decorations, it creates a sense of harmony. No matter what size your wedding will be, flowers are a key element.

What Bouquet Styles Should I Consider?

Choose whatever feels right for you. Some brides enjoy holding lots of flowers in big colorful bouquets, while others feel more comfortable with a small hand-tied bouquet of all white flowers. There is a trend toward simple, elegant bouquets, but natural, garden-style bouquets with a ‘just picked’ fresh appearance are always appealing.

The flowers may be arranged in a bouquet holder (especially useful for maintaining them if the ceremony will take place in the summer months), or they may be wired and taped in a hand-tied style.

Above all, the flowers should go with you, your clothing and the mood of your event. In a consultation Liz can show you examples of different styles, and help you decide the bouquet styles that go best with your wedding.

How Do I Choose A Bouquet That Is Right For Me?

1. Select a STYLE of bouquet that compliments your wedding gown or attire and the atmosphere you wish to create.

A traditional romantic wedding gown goes well with delicate loosely-arranged flowers, and a sophisticated dress design is enhanced by simple bold flower strokes.

Many brides want natural designs for flowers, but with an elegant touch.
Bountiful, fresh bouquets, tied with special ribbons, are popular.

But every wedding is unique, and rules can be broken.

2. Choose the SHAPE of bouquet that suits your style and your gown.

3. Pick the COLORS that please you and harmonize with the apparel of the wedding party and setting.

A little contrast works well. If bridesmaids or attendants are wearing pastel colored dresses or suits, almost any color will show up against them. If they are wearing vibrant colors or dark colors, consider using lighter colored flowers, or bold contrasting-colored flowers.

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