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Flower Consultation

When is the best time to start choosing flowers?

Make an appointment to meet with a florist, or schedule several to compare. Usually 6 months or more before your wedding date is an appropriate time to book the florist.

How long does a consultation take?

The consultation takes about an hour.

Should I bring anyone to the consultation?

It's a good idea to bring along anyone who is involved in helping make major decisions about the wedding (Groom, Mother, Bridesmaids).

Do you have any suggestions to help me choose a style?

It's important to feel comfortable with the styles of bouquets and flower arrangements you choose. After all, it's your wedding. Click on the "Design Hints" page of the website. Bring some pictures of bouquets you like from the website or from books and magazines and, if possible, pictures of your bridal dress, and your attendant's dresses (or color swatches).

What time will flowers be delivered on my wedding day?

Most flowers are set up 1 1/2-2 hours before the ceremony starts and boutonnieres and corsages are pinned on just before the pictures start.

How do I find the best florist for my needs and budget?

You can trust your instincts with somebody you like or consult several florists and ask lots of questions. If you choose this route, here are some questions to consider:

Does the florist have pictures or examples of their work? 

Do they have references you can call?

How long has the florist been in business?

How many weddings does the florist do in one weekend?

Are there additional charges for delivery or set up?

What kinds of containers, pillars, and props does the florist rent?

Who designs the bouquets? Does the florist have help?

What time will the flowers be delivered on the day of the wedding?

How much is the deposit to reserve wedding flowers with the florist? When is the balance due?

Does the florist have experience working at the site for your wedding and reception and is the florist familiar with the other vendors you have selected, such as the photographer?

Does the florist take time answering your questions? Do you feel confident about the answers you receive?

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