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Questions Brides Ask

1. What services does The Flower Garden provide on my wedding day?

We do everything from setting the flowers in place and pinning boutonnieres and corsages to bringing water to the bride and carrying messages between family members. The Flower Garden is a full service florist.

2. Who wears boutonnieres and corsages at the wedding?

Usually it is the groom and immediate family (including parents, step-parents, siblings, grandparents). Also special relatives such as aunts coming from a distance or even friends from far away. Also persons doing readings or performing some aspect of the ceremony, such as the music. The officiant usually wears a boutonniere or corsage, unless they are wearing a robe.

3. What is a boutonniere?

It is a simple flower decoration, often a single flower, worn on the left lapel of a jacket. I have prepared boutonnieres for grooms, attendants, ushers, fathers and on occasion women who prefer one flower to a corsage.

4. Is the groom's boutonniere different from the other men? Do the fathers' boutonnieres match the men attendants' boutonnieres?

Often the groom's boutonniere is a little different from the other ones and often is made up of a flower from the bride's bouquet. Or maybe a white rose with an accent color from the bride's bouquet. Often the fathers' boutonnieres match the other men's in the wedding or sometimes they are white to stand out and be the traditional white for weddings.

5. How far ahead of time should I book the florist?

It depends on when your wedding will take place. If it is during wedding season  (from late April-October), many of these dates are booked in January and February.

It depends on the size of the florist too. But a good rule of thumb seems to be 6-8  months out, or take your chances.

6. What lasts longer on my wedding day, a hand-tied bouquet or a bouquet in a holder?

When they are well made, both kinds of bouquets will last for the duration of the wedding and reception. A hand-tied bouquet has small wires attached to the stems of the flowers to ensure that they do not wilt in the sun. Many flowers work well in a hand-tied design. However certain flowers and foliage cannot be used unless they are inserted in individual vials of water because they will collapse without moisture. A bouquet in a holder (which has water in it) allows the design to be more versatile and utilize more delicate plant material. A good florist will be sure that the flowers you select are appropriately arranged to last through your special day.

7. What types of containers and props do you have?

We have many unique displays to choose from, including bamboo pedestals, Greek columns, and terra cotta vases, but we can also rent from specialty sources to suit your needs.

8. Does the dress color for the flower girl match the attendants’ dresses or the bride's dress?

Often the flower girl's dress is white or cream, to go with the bride's dress. Occasionally people choose to have the flower girl's dress made from the same color fabric as the attendants' dress. And some bride's shop for the flower girl's dress at a department store and pick up a print with colors compatible to the wedding color scheme.

9. Are the moms’ corsages different from the other women’s?

Usually, and often the step mom's corsages are the same as the mom's, but different from the other siblings/aunts/special guests' corsages. Many families elect to have the moms' and grandmas' corsages made the same. Grandmas appreciate corsages as much as the mothers. They are usually made from lightweight flowers (orchids or gardenias) or a combination of a couple of heavy flowers (i.e. roses) and some lightweight fragrant flowers (such as stephanotis or tuberose). It's often wise to choose corsages which are medium size rather than large and heavy.

10. How much do the flowers cost?

The cost reflects the size of the wedding party, numbers of guests invited and how elaborate the decorations are. Is the entry aisle decorated? Are there large centerpieces? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine costs, but consider spending about 8%--10% of the wedding budget on flowers. For example, average prices for flowers for a full service wedding have risen from about $1200--$1500 in the early 1990s to about $1800--$2500 today.

11. What about non-traditional weddings?

Flowers enhance any special event, including non-traditional weddings and commitment ceremonies. The Flower Garden can tailor our designs to your desires.

12. Do you grow your own flowers to put into the bouquets?

Yes, but I also purchase many flowers. I accent bouquets and arrangements with flowers from my garden, being sure to condition them so they will last in the arrangements.

13. What are Peruvian Roses and do they come directly from Peru?

They are quite spectacular large-headed flowers that are often unusually colored. Although they are often imported from South America, they are also raised by some American growers.

14. Does the owner of The Flower Garden deliver the flowers to the wedding?

I focus on personal attention and am involved in all aspects of my business, often including the delivery for part or all of it. A delivery person may stay to move flowers from the wedding to the reception, if needed

15. How did you get into flower arranging?

I started growing many varieties of flowers in the early 1980s. A friend and I started selling cut flowers to restaurants, then took design classes and horticulture classes, which led to designing flowers for weddings.

16. Do you advise moving the flowers from the arch to the head table, or re-using the chair decorations following the wedding?

Yes. I generally design these arrangements in water, so they can be used throughout the day after the ceremony. The arch flowers and chair flowers may be constructed so that they can serve double-duty. If made more simply, they may need to be discarded.

17. Does the florist decorate the cake?

Most cake bakers will decorate the cake when they set it up.  Sometimes The Flower Garden provides the flowers, but more frequently, the baker does. And yes, we can decorate your cake, if needed.

18. Do you make the centerpieces at the reception site or are the flowers made ahead of time?

Ahead of time. It is difficult to know how long things might take at a wedding site because of all the additional activity. I don't like to be forced to rush, or compromise a design, so I always make the majority of the arrangements ahead of time. Because flowers are fragile, designs are completed 1-2 days before the wedding to ensure freshness. A few finishing touches, small adjustments, and cake flowers (if requested) are taken care of at the site.

19. May I use silk flowers for my wedding bouquet?

Yes. There are some fabulous silk flowers which can be added for accent in bouquets or made into corsages. They are sometimes used for hair ornaments too. Silk flowers are especially useful for persons allergic to particular flowers. Fresh flowers, symbolizing life itself in their softness, gorgeous colors and dewy beauty, continue to be the most popular choice for wedding celebrations.

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