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You can make life in the Santa Cruz County community more meaningful by offering your support to Poetry Santa Cruz. Your financial (and tax-deductible) contributions will be used to pay honoraria to participating writers and expenses associated with our readings, support poetry education in Santa Cruz County, and help Poetry Santa Cruz support our local poets. Donors to Poetry Santa Cruz will receive our e-mail announcements, an official Poetry Santa Cruz notebook, and personal invitations to special events. Donors who give $50 or more will get our Poetry Santa Cruz T-shirt and two books. Donors above the $100 level will receive the T-shirt and seven books. Check our Premiums page for a list of books available. Consult your tax accountant if you have any questions about tax deductibility.

You can either click on the appropriate boxes, type in your contact information and print out this page, or you can print out the page and fill it out by hand.   Alternatively, you may download this form together with the Premiums page as a PDF (260 kB) file which you can open up and print (two pages) using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Mailing instructions are given below.

$100 and above:  7 Books, PSC Logo T-shirt, Invitations to Donor Appreciation Events

$75:  4 Books, PSC Logo T-shirt, Invitations to Donor Appreciation Events

$50:  2 Books, PSC Logo T-shirt, Invitations to Donor Appreciation Events

$25:  1 Book, Invitations to Donor Appreciation Events



Call me, let's talk about how to:

  • Honor the memory of a loved one
  • Give a membership
  • Unload my stock options
  • Include Poetry Santa Cruz in my will
Count on me to be an energetic, reliable, good humored volunteer

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I grant permission to list me as a member on the PSC newsletter. List me as "Anonymous.".

Donations may be made by check made out to Poetry Santa Cruz.  Checks should be mailed to 

Len Anderson
c/o: Poetry Santa Cruz
P.O. Box 259
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-0259

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