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Poetry Santa Cruz has initiated a new tradition: we now interview many of our visiting writers as well as other writers of note. These interviews are available for print publication upon request. Please contact Poetry Santa Cruz.

Writers with [books] next to their names are featured on our Featured books pages.
Robert Sward [Interview by klipschutz, 2005] [books]
Geoff Brock [Interview by Maggie Paul, April, 2003]
Tilly Washburn Shaw [Interview by Dennis Morton, December, 2002] [books]
Lola Haskins [Interview by Dennis Morton, November, 2002] [books]
Jennifer Michael Hecht [Interview by Dennis Morton, November, 2002] [books]
Aliki Barnstone [Interview by Dennis Morton, November, 2002] [books]
Aaron Baker [Interview by Dennis Morton, July, 2002]
William Minor [Interview by Dennis Morton, July, 2002] [books] [Chatoyant]
David Alpaugh [Interview by Dennis Morton, April, 2002] [books]
Jack Foley [Interview by Dennis Morton, March, 2002] [books]
Terry Ehret [Interview by Dennis Morton, February, 2002] [books] [Sixteen Rivers Press]
Valerie Berry [Interview by Len Anderson, January, 2002] [books] [Sixteen Rivers Press]
David Swanger [Interview by Maggie Paul, January, 2002] [books]
Jim Heynen [Interview by Dennis Morton, January, 2002] [Jim Heynen books]
Nancy Eimers and William Olsen [Interview by Lisa Simon, December, 2001] [Olsen books] [Eimers books]
Jack Anderson and Penny Cagan [In Conversation, October 20, 2001] [Anderson books] [Cagan books]
Linda Dyer [Interview by herself, October 8, 2001] [books]
Bruce Bond [Interview by Maggie Paul, September 1, 2001] [books]
Gary Young [Interview by Maggie Paul, August 14, 2001] [books]
Dana Gioia [Interview by Maggie Paul, July 10, 2001] [books]
Christopher Buckley [Interview by Maggie Paul, June 19, 2001]
Peter Klappert [Interview by Julia Alter, June 12, 2001]

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