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Prospectus for the Good Book Press made in the mid 1980s


It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to acquaint you with the work of Peter and Donna Thomas who produce books and paper under the imprint of The Good Book Press. Were one to ask them what makes a Good Book, they might reply, “Beautiful paper, crisp printing, a binding that opens easily..." It is their goal to create books in the tradition Of the great private presses: deluxe, limited editions, made of the finest materials, produced with the highest standards of quality. Peter makes the paper from cotton rags. These are pulped in a hollander beater, then mixed in more water. Using a mould and deckle the fibers are separated from the water. It is then couched onto a felt, pressed & hung to dry. Donna cuts linoleum for iillustration or ornament. Together they set the type which is printed on a hand operated letterpress. They also hand bind the books. Pages are folded and sewn together using a needle & thread. The covers are leather or other quality materials, constructed in traditional methods which insure the book will open easily and lay flat. They employ these skills making miniature books (under three inches tall) ,larger books & broadside (which are posters with type & illustration. Because they execute every aspect of manufacture, all their work is unique and each piece can easily be recognized as another fine product from The Good Book Press.  

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