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Jay Leeming. Trail. (Santa Cruz, California:) Peter and Donna Thomas, 2019. 11” x 13 ½” x ¾”. 12 accordion pages.

Binding: Full leather black goatskin binding with brown goatskin spine, a “trail” of Donna’s vellum-tanned deerskin winds across both the front and back covers. Clamshell box: Blue cloth, black leather spine. Paper: Text paper accordion is Peter’s gray and white duplex paper that is torn through the middle of the paper reveals a trail running through the accordion folds. Typography and illustration: The text is brush-work calligraphy with watercolor and gouache. Five 5 ½” x 8 ½” landscape illustrations and twenty-two 2 ½ x 2 ½” illustrations (the paintings we copied to make our book, Landscapes of the John Muir Trail,) are affixed to accordion with paper-cut corners. Note: Jay Leeming is a Yosemite range and poet. The poem looks at the path through life as a trail, and “could it have been any different” if you had taken an alternate trail, and “you realize you will never get any other answer.”


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