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Paper Samples/Our lives with paper: an autobiography told through handmade paper samples 2022. A digitally-printed perfect-bound book with text and color photographs. 5 tipped-in examples of the handmade paper samples. 11 x 8.5 inches. 105 pages. $75.00

The text of Paper Samples/Our lives with paper: an autobiography told through handmade paper samples was written by Peter and Donna Thomas. It begins with an introductory essay. This essay was first presented as a lecture at the North American Hand Papermaker's annual conference in 2018. It describes the revival of interest in hand papermaking that occurred in the 1960-80s, and their place in that revival. The introduction is followed by a description of each sample. The samples are organized chronologically so the accompanying autobiographical text tells the story of their papermaking odessy from 1974: how they "invented" papermaking, then made paper as "Peter Papermaker" at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, set up a shop in their home, built a hollander beater, acquired a 2-ton hydraulic press, and learned to make paper they could use for printing their books on. The text describes what they had to learn or do, and the tools they had to construct, and the technical improvements required to make each sample.

The book is illustrated with color photographs of the equipment they made or used, the books they printed on the samples presented, and portraits of them making paper at various times throughout their careers. Following the text are 5 samples of paper made by Peter and Donna Thomas, affixed to blank pages.

To see a PDF preview of pages excerpted from the book, click here.


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