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Evidence: Overruns & Ephemera. 2021. One 8-page pamphlet and two 4-flap portfolios in an archival clamshell storage box. Copies 1-10, 16 x 12 x 3 inches; copies 11-30, 16 x 12 x 2 inches. 30 copies. Copies 1-10 $975, copies 11-20 $850, copies 21-30 $625.

Evidence: Overruns & Ephemera is a limited edition portfolio created to complement The Legacy Press’ recently published trade book: Peter and Donna Thomas: Bibliography, 1974–2020. We titled the work “Evidence” because the contents are evidence of what we have been doing over the last 40 years. The 8-page introductory pamphlet describes the project. The two 4-flap portfolios are labeled "Overruns" and "Ephemera". Overruns contains examples of printed pages from our limited edition books. Each copy has a list of the items included. Copy 1 has 72 items and copy 30 has 46 items. Ephemera contains ephemeral items we printed or had printed. The ephemera is not numbered or described, nor are the contents listed. The lower the copy’s number in the edition, the more samples and ephemera in the portfolios. All three items are housed in an archival clamshell style storage box that has a printed paper label on the cover and spine.

See information about The Legacy Press Bibilography.
See a 3.5 minute movie showing the contents of the book.
A statement and bibliographic description of the book follow the photographs:

From the time we printed our very first book together in 1978, inspired by the bibliographies of West Coast fine press printers including the Allen Press, Valenti Angelo, the Grabhorn Press, and Adrian Wilson, we saved our print overruns and rejected sheets for the future occasion when we would print our own bibliography. While sheltering in place during the COVID pandemic we sorted through our archives. Publications were filed by year, proof and production notes by title, and ephemera sorted by kind. What was left were the extra printed pages from our books. Most were overruns; we always printed more than the exact number needed to allow room for mistakes. Some were the pages with those mistakes, the problem often lightly marked in pencil. Most printers would have recycled these sheets long ago, but because they were printed on our handmade paper, we could not bring ourselves to toss them. The sheets were sorted by quality, and with progressively fewer items, into thirty sets. The reference number assigned in the bibliography was written on each sheet to identify it, usually in the lower right corner. The ephemera was likewise collated but not numbered or discribed. Thus, the lower the copy’s number in the edition, the more items it will contain and, in our opinion, the nicer the items will be.

Binding: Pamphlet, blue handmade paper covers, title on brown handmade paper label stitched to front cover. 4-flap portfolios, blue handmade paper over backing board, blue handmade paper flaps, title on brown handmade paper label stitched to front cover. All paper made by Peter Thomas. Clamshell storage box, commerically produced using blue/grey archival box board. Paper: Pamphlet, white, handmade by Peter. Printing: Pamphlet, letterpress using hand set type. List (in Overruns), digital Typography: Pamphlet, titles Gothic wood type; text Centaur. List, digital LTC Metropolitan. Illustration: Pamphlet, three linoleum cuts by Donna Thomas. Notes: The two 4-flap portfolios are labeled “Overruns” and “Ephemera”. The portfolio titled Overruns contains examples of pages from our limited edition books. Each copy has a list of the samples it contains. Copy number one has 72 samples and copy number 30 has 46. The portfolio titled Ephemera contains printed ephemera we have produced over the years. The ephemeral items are similar in each portfolio but are not listed. In both cases, the lower the edition number the more samples it contains.

List of the 46 items in copy number 30

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