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Below is a list of the events presented and sponsored by Poetry Santa Cruz in 2001 plus a list of most of the events back to 1997 in the National Writers Union Local 7 reading series which preceded ours. Read interviews with select authors by pressing the link on their names.

We list some Featured Books by our visiting authors on our website, with links so that you can buy them online. Click on [books] next to an author's name to see their featured books. Click on [poem] next to an author's name to see a poem published online.  Click on [website] to go to the author's website.  If the date is colored, you can click on it to read more about the event.

Jennifer Lagier [website], Graham McGrew, Bonnie Schell and William Taylor, Jr. [website] December 11, 2001
First Annual Poetry Bash November 30, 2001
Robert Sward [books] [website] and Doug McClellan November 13, 2001
Jack Anderson [books] and 
Penny Cagan [books] [poem]
October 30, 2001
John D'Agata [books] [poem] and Linda Dyer [books] [poem] October 9, 2001
Stephen Kessler [books] and Mông-Lan [books] [poem] [website] September 25, 2001
Ellen Bass and Open Reading Benefit September 16, 2001
Bruce Bond [books] [poem] and Maggie Paul [poem] September 11, 2001
Montserrat Review #5 Celebration Reading featuring Calder Lowe, Gary Young, Bernice Rendrick, Eran Williams, Len Anderson, and Dan Phillips August 10, 2001
Dana Gioia [books] and Tim Fitzmaurice July 10, 2001
Christopher Buckley and Gary Young June 19, 2001
Peter Klappert and Bert Glick  June 12, 2001
Paul Polansky  May 15, 2001
Red Pine (Bill Porter) and Morton Marcus [books May 8, 2001
Nick Flynn  May 1, 2001
Poetry Marathon, 26 Santa Cruz County readers  April 24, 2001
Mike Gizzi [books] and Geoffrey Young  April 17, 2001
Jimmy Santiago Baca  April 10, 2001
Patrice Vecchione [books] with teenage poets  April 3, 2001
Ray Gonzalez  March 28, 2001
Below are some events from the NWU Reading series
Wendy Mnookin and Roxan McDonald  March 5, 2001
Anne Marie Macari  February 26, 2001
Nancy Boutillier and Patti Sirens  February 13, 2001
Judith Taylor and JC Watson  January 9, 2001
Robert Sward [books] and Kathleen Lynch  November 14, 2000
Sam Hamill and Chuck Atkinson  October 17, 2000
Joseph McNeilly [books] and Jonell Hill  October 10, 2000
Richard Jones and Morton Marcus [books] October 2, 2000
Ellen Bass and Brett Axel  September 12, 2000
George Bilgere and Len Anderson August 8, 2000
Stephanie Marlis and Gary Young [books] July 11, 2000
Steve Kowit and Tom Marshall  June 13, 2000
Julia Alter, Roxan McDonald, Joanna Martin, Debra Spencer and Joan Zimmerman  May 9, 2000
Jim Powell and Joan Swift  March 14, 2000
Ellery Akers  February 8, 2000
Kim Addonizio  January 11, 2000
Anita Wilkins and Michael Hannon  October 13, 1999
Frances Payne Adler and David Sullivan  September 14, 1999
Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs and Richard Rocco  July 13, 1999
Bernice Rendrick and Gene Frumkin  June 8, 1999
Susan Terence and Dan Phillips  March 9, 1999
JC Watson and Philip Wagner  February 9, 1999
Joanna Martin and Dane Cervine  January 12, 1999
Robert McDowell, Gabriella Gutierrez  November 1998
Lou Harrison [books] October 1998
Bruce Cutler and Carolyne Kutra  September 1998
A. V. Christie, Shirley Ancheta and Jeff Tagami  August 1998
Greg Keith  November 1997
Abby Bogomolny and others  October 13, 1997
Ellen Bass and Robert Sward  September 1997
Kim Nelson, Poets In The Schools  August 1997
Debra Spencer, Lisa Simon, Guari Delgado, Dennis Morton, Anna Chou, Joseph McNeilly, Joan Zimmerman  July 1997
Matt Friday and John Dobson  June 1997
Joseph Stroud and Charis Wilson  May 1997
David Alpaugh  April 1997
Abby Bogomolny and Frances Payne Adler  March 1997

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