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Book Arts Folk Songs by Peter Thomas: The PDFs

1. Book Arts Gals
Based on Buffalo Gals
2. Bookbinding in Georgia
Based on Peach Picking Time in Georgia
3. Is That a Book
Based on The Lion Sleeps Tonight
4. Makiní Paper
Based on Makiní Whoopie
5. Minnie the Bookbinder
Based on Minnie the Moocher
6. Nine Pound Cooper
Based on Nine Pound Hammer
7. Norwegian Needle
Based on Norwegian Wood
8. Rags Make Paper
Based on Shortening Bread
9. Read to Me
Based on Stand By Me
10. Spraying Calligraphy
Based on Sloop John B
11. Summer is Book Arts Time
Time Based on Summertime
12. The Ballad of Dard Hunter
Based on John Henry
13. Tiny Type
Based on Tiny Bubbles
14. Whatís a Book
Based on Five Foot Two
15. Your Skiving Knife
Based on Your Cheating Heart  


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