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Ukulele Series Book #7 The Fanned Foredge Ukulele. 2000 This ukulele belonged to a friend's child and they gave it to me to stop her incessant playing. It was sawed in half, and boards were added to make both halves solid, and the sound hole was drilled straight through the book. Pages were handmade with a ukulele shaped deckle that has a heal shape on the top and attached to the ukulele by a post screw through the heal of the uke. The ukulele was painted by Suzanne Thomas and then the text was written by Donna Thomas. The pages were first drilled to remove a hole the size of the sound hole then each page was cut by hand to give it a slightly larger hole and create a ring of concentric circles. These were painted, in the manner of a foredge painting with the title of the text.


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