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Ukulele Series Book #21 The History of the Ukulele Cigar Box Ukulele. 2002.
Cigar boxes have traditionally been used for both books and ukuleles, so it was a natural leap of imagination to use one cigar box for both purposes. I found this cardboard cigar box in Moss Landing and fell in love with its patina of age, and didn't realize the challenge I was going to have attaching it to the ukulele neck (usually cigar box ukuleles are made with wooden boxes). Inside the cigar box is a diorama that tells a story about the history of the ukulele and allure of the tropical paradise where it originated. I bought the ukulele neck from Bernuzio Brothers in 1994 thinking it was going to be attached to a ukulele and so had it lying around when I thought of this project. We even constructed some of the little items in the diorama.



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