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Suzanne Lydia (Thomas) Weinert was born in 1984 in Santa Cruz, California and grew up in the stimulating environment of printing presses, handmade paper and fine crafted books. She is a second-generation bookbinder and artist, the daughter of world-renowned book artists Peter and Donna Thomas. On her own and in collaboration with her parents, Suzanne writes, prints and binds both one-of-a-kind and editioned miniature artist books. She also crafts colorful book earrings and book jewelry. Check out her website @

Suzanne’s career started early, with award winning letterpress and artist’s books made while in grade school. During this time, Suzanne attended the annual meetings of the Miniature Book Society with her mother, father, and older sister. When she was just six years old, Suzanne received the Society’s “Distinguished Book Award” in 1992 for her limited edition miniature book “The Pretty Rocks.” She has attended numerous book arts related conferences and met countless papermakers and printers throughout the world. This exposure has shaped her artistic sensibility, and has inspired her to develop her own unique style.

Suzanne began her undergraduate studies at San Diego State University in California and continued by studying abroad at Deakin University in Warrnambool, Australia. In 2007, Suzanne graduated from Humboldt Sate University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (with an emphasis in Book Arts and Painting).

Suzanne's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Suzanne sells her books locally in the Bay Area, and to private collectors and university libraries throughout the United States and abroad. Her books can be found in the libraries of Duke University, Princeton University, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and University of Miami to name a few. She also teaches bookbinding classes with her father. Suzanne and her husband Toby live and work in Santa Cruz, California.


Bachelor of Arts in Art Education: Humboldt State University: June 2007.

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art: Humboldt State University: June 2007.

Undergraduate studies: Deakin University @ Warrnambool, Australia.

Undergraduate studies: San Diego State University.


Group shows:


Traveling Exhibition of the Miniature Book Society: USA.

Suzanne received the “Distinguished Book Award” for her book, Pretty Rocks.


“Work book-Journals and Journey,” Columbia College: Chicago, IL.

Suzanne’s artists’ diary from a trip to the south sea islands of Tonga was shown.

1999, 2000, and 2001

 High School Art League Show: Santa Cruz, CA.

Suzanne received an honorable mention for a painting called Paradise in 1999.


 “Book Nooks,” Works Gallery: San Jose, CA.

Suzanne’s book, Eighth Grade was displayed.

October 26-November 10 2000

 “Fall into Art,” Third Annual Youth Art Show, Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center:

Ben Lomand, CA.

This show displayed three of Suzanne’s acrylic paintings.

March-June 2001

“Island Postcards,” State Library of Tasmania: Hobart, Australia.

Two postcards painted by Suzanne were shown.

October 20 - 21 2001

“Northwest Bookfest,” Book Arts Exhibition in the Stadium Exhibition Center:

Seattle, WA.

October 31 - November 11 2001

 “Northwest Bookfest,” Book Arts Exhibition in the Multnomah

County Libraryand Collins Gallery: Portland, OR.

January 2005

 “Woven Land:” Warrnambool, Australia.

Three of Suzanne’s woven baskets were displayed.

November 2006- January 2007

“Heart and Hands 2,” National Juried Book Art Exhibition,

University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Nebraska at Omaha Libraries: USA.

Suzanne’s book Suzanne? I Dig You. Call Me was chosen.

June 2007

Juried Student Exhibition: Reese Bullen Gallery @

Humboldt State University: Arcata, CA.

Two of Suzanne's miniature books were accepted.

June 2007

Bookshop: Arcata, CA.

 A selection of Suzanne's books were displayed in the front window.


Solo shows:

September 2000

Pleasure Point Market: Santa Cruz, CA. Show of acrylic paintings.

October 2000 - April 2001

Pleasure Point Market: Santa Cruz, CA. Show of acrylic paintings.

June 2002

Paradise Surf Shop: Santa Cruz, CA. Show of acrylic paintings and multi-media art.


The Bagelry: Santa Cruz, CA. Show of acrylic paintings and multi-media art.

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