Reno Gold - Gambler's Solitiare

For all those solitaire players out there longing for a way throw their money away but not actually lose it, we offer the latest in the "Got it - Lose it - Still got it" world of unreality.

Just say NO to those who would deny the very concept of a gambling game of solitaire!
Close the door on the outmoded concept that you cant win money from yourself!
Forget those multi-player gamers looking to enrich themselves at your expense!

Reno Gold brings you all the benefits with none of the pain.
Play not only standard 4-suit Klondike but 3-suit,
2-suit and (believe it or not) 1-suit versions!

No, this will NOT help your Klondike Pro game nor will it count toward
a higher rank in your quest for a nobler station in the Klondike Pro ranks.
On the other hand, it wont rot your teeth, corrode your pipes, nor increase your waistline.

Just in case we haven't make our point, Reno Gold is simply a fun game that's quick to load and easy to play.
There are NO options and NO permanent stats, just a very novel way to win or lose gobs of cyber-money
for all you diehard solitaire nuts out there.

---( okay, enuf yak, yak, on with the download )---

PLEASE print this page for later reference; you'll be glad you did

Downloading on the Internet can be a frustrating experience.
Be patient and follow your browser's instructions carefully.
Download the RENOGOLD.ZIP file (~170k bytes)
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Once the zip file arrives, you'll have to unzip it.
For this, you must have an ''unzipper" such as WinZip (PkUnzip will work too).
Download a copy of WinZip

After the download file is unzipped, run the setup.exe file to install Reno Gold.
Find it under "Start", "Programs", "Games", then click on RenoGold or the coin stacks.

If you experience either download or installation problems,
please tell us about it. We'll need the following information:
- a brief description of the problem (download, installing, etc)
- Name and size of the file you received:
(should be with size of about 170 kbytes)
- Operating system: Windows 95/98/NT/Win2000/WinXP/DOS/whatever
- Name & version of your browser:
(eg. Netscape 7.5, Internet Explorer 5.0, AOL, etc)
- Anything special about your system

(click here to report any problems)

(We recommend that you print this page for easy ''read along" reference)

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