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( an oldie, but a goodie )
(for WinXP, Win98, Win95 or MS-DOS... but NOT Vista,Win7, Mac or Linux)

Klondike Pro, Version 2.5, is the FREEware version of this game.
and has many new features and options that enhance play.
Download and play for free FOREVER.

Tell me, what is Duplicate Solitaire?
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As Lonnie Brown of the Lakeland Ledger reports...
''Klondike Pro...lets you find out how good a player you really are"

And Doug Morrison of Games Domain adds...
''...built a better Mousetrap"

Duplicate solitaire is the newest mind-sport of the computer age!
Compete with top solitaire players from the Klondike Gold Rush!
Rise in rank from Green Rookie to Gold Wizard (and beyond!)
Competitive scoring like no other solitaire game
(play action and rules are "Windows-compatible")

''...extremely enjoyable and completely addictive".
. . .Dar Numan

''... I hate it, I haven't been able to leave my computer and
the rest of my life is going to pot..." . . .Joan R. Parker

The author assumes NO responsibility nor accepts ANY liability
for addictive behavior resulting from the overuse of this product.

I'm convinced. Tell me how to download Klondike Pro

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(MatchPlay screen) The MatchPlay screen...
- Large, easy-to-read screens
- "Drag and drop" play action
- Convenient on-screen menu:...
- ...Options, Stats, Help
- Match standings always on view
- Practice mode available
(MatchPlay Scoreboard) The Scoreboard....
- Immediate opponent playout
- Immediate match updating
- Instant replay of latest hand...
- ...(learn from your mistakes)
- Instant replay of opponent's play...
- ...(check out their tactics)
(Stats screen) The Stats screens...
- All your local stats recorded here
- The more gold, the higher your rank
- Win 1-in-10 for an Average of 100
- Lone Winners help win the match
- Bonus Points for special wins
- May your WPS History be solid gold
Tell me how to download Klondike Pro

What's new in Klondike Pro, Version 2

New Features of Klondikje Pro 2.5
New "Star Wizard" ranks (need 'n' gold leaves)
Bonus points are quadrupled for Rookies, tripled for Fellow, etc
MatchBar screen between matches.
Unlimited "PlayUps"
Redeal offer (one per match)
Scoreboard: Hand wins now show in gold.
Option to reverse initial spread stacks
Menu Clock always on main screen.

New Features of Klondikje Pro 2.1.4
Penny winner matches are cancelled
'Dead Joe'* hands are cancelled.

(*when no flop plays during pass 1)

BONUS nuggets* are awarded for:
Lone Winners, Penny Whompers, Tight Wins, Red Massacres
Last Hand Miracles, Big Blowouts, Big Comebacks
Red Winners, Triple Crowns, Super Matches

(*these cant be lost within rank)

Quit in mid-hand and return now permitted.
Discard stack now included in PlayUps

New Options
AutoFlip, Reverse Spread stacks, 'button-up' Dragging, more
Sound and Kibitz Options are now 'stickey'

A Simplified Version
Single player only (no other 'locals")
No 'Central Stats' service
No one-on-one Dueling

. . . . . . Feature Comparison . . . . . .
Feature Klondike Pro 2 Windows Solitaire Hand Play: Auto PlayUp of winning hands Yes No PlayUp on demand Menu Button Right click Auto Flip of undercards Yes No Replaying Comprehensive None Hand Timer No Yes Quick play to ace stacks Click & Drop Double Click Scoring/Ranking: Practice Mode Yes Normal MatchPlay Yes No Hand Scoring System Win, Place, Show Vegas Match Scoring Yes No Player Ranks 16 levels, more None Statistics Extensive Minimal Game Status Display Box+Screen on Bar Options: Kibitzing Yes No Card Draw (flops) 3 only 1 or 3 Sounds on/off silent Alarm setting Yes No Break Setting Yes No Choice of Cardbacks 9 12 Choice of Cardfaces 3 1 Choice of Mouse button Yes No Choice of Drag/drop Yes No Misc. Max Passes 99 3 Deck Lines Yes No Help files 9 4 Publisher: Vagabondo Enterprises Microsoft Corp. Employees 1 50,000+ Market Cap $0 Over $275 Billion Future ? ?

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