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Three Kinds of Magic (2000) This book explores the interconnections of tools used in three kinds of Magic: prestidigitation, conjuring and miracles. Each page presents objects and images to represent the objects used in performing each different kind of magic: instant worms and fake burning cigarettes used in the magic trick of prestidigitation... runic dice and a pentangle used as charms in the rituals of the conjurer or fortune teller... and a holy card and St. Christopher medal used as holy relics for religious miracles.
I invented the structure for this book. Undoubtedly someone had already had invented it before me, but I did not have the benefit of their expertise. The pages are made from overbeaten pulp, a sort of Magical substance, which when formed into paper becomes translucent. Each page is sewn over two wooden dowels. Those dowels are driven into holes previously drilled into long, narrow, wooden blocks. To create the flexible spine of the book, these long narrow blocks were covered in very strong hand made paper, stood side by side, and then connected together with little paper hinges. The covers are painted wood, painted by Donna in the tradition of the religious icon, with representative objects from each kind of Magic attached to the surface.
The text is more symbolic than informational; it has never been considered proper to disclose information about the magical arts to the uninitiated, and I am not a man, like Manly Palmer Hall, wishing to explain the secrets of all ages. I am just an artist making books. Unique copy. 6 by 4 by 2.5 inches.


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