CIN 1 (Mild cervical dysplasia)
Dysplasia Evaluation and Treatment

If, after colposcopy and biopsy, you are diagnosed with CIN 1, (mild dysplasia), you are most likely in good shape. CIN 1 very rarely becomes cancerous, and much of it (70-80%) resolves on its own without treatment. Statistically, 15% or so persists and a smaller percentage will progress to more severe dysplasia.

What's Next? The Options:

1) Watch and wait - return for Pap tests every 3-4 months until dysplasia clears, or 2 years have passed, or dysplasia worsens.

2) Cryotherapy, especially for small areas of mild dysplasia that persist.

3) Laser Ablation, if dysplasia persists.

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