Paget's Disease of the Vulva
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• adenocarcinoma
• carcinoma in situ
• vulvar cancer

Definition: Vulvar Paget's disease is often rashy in appearance, and can be itchy - similar to eczema. It can be scaly and crusty. Under a microscope, Paget's cells, a kind of rare adenocarcinoma, are seen between the layers of tissue. It is variously described as either very slowly invasive, nonmalignant, or as adenocarcinoma in situ. In any case, it is quite stable, and slow to spread. However, perhaps 15-20% of the time, there is underlying adenocarcinoma, so this must be evaluated at diagnosis. It is treated with surgery.

Pronunciation: PAJ etz (noun)

Also Known As: Extramammary Paget's Disease

Alternate Spellings: Pagets Disease

Common Misspellings: Pajet's Disease, Padget's Disease

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