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• endometrial hyperplasia
Definition: An abnormality of a cell, which may or may not be associated with later malignancy. Significance is to a great extent dependent upon context. On a Pap smear, atypia ("atypical cell") may be caused by an infection or irritation, or it could be precancerous. In an internal organ, such as the uterus, atypia is much more likely to represent a precancerous process. At times, atypia has a modifier, such as "koilocytotic atypia", which is a type of cell abnormality typical of HPV infection.

Pronunciation: ay TIP ee a (noun)

Also Known As: atypical or abnormal cell

Examples: ASCUS and AGUS Pap smears show atypia. Endometrial hyperplasia is usually described as being with or without atypia.

Common Misspellings: atipia

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