Song of Survival

May 1999 update, prepared by Helen Colijn and Roger Emanuels

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Song of Survival. Enthusiastic response to the radio program has prompted us to prepare this guide to all available resources on this inspirational story.

Radio program: Produced by Roger Emanuels, the two one-hour programs contain vocal orchestra music and interviews. It has been broadcast by Public Radio International and the Australian Broadcasting Corp. Please contact the producer for information about scheduling future broadcasts, or for availability of the program on audio cassette at (831) 423-6107.

Documentary: In the U.S.A., a videocassette of the 1985 58-minute film Song of Survival directed by Stephen Longstreth of Veriation Films, can be purchased from Janson Television & Video, 88 Semmens Road, Harrington Park, NJ 07640. Phone (800) 952-6766. Price is $24.95. Copies of the video or of the 16-mm film for public performance use are for sale or rent from Wombat Film and Video, a division of the Altschul Group, 930 Pitner Avenue, Evanston IL 60202. Phone (800) 323-9084.

Play: Eleanor and Ray Harder wrote Song of Survival, a dramatized version of the story for the theater which premiered in Salinas, California on August 29, 1997. The play is published by Dramatic Publishing, 311 Washington Street, Woodstock IL 60098. Phone (815) 338-7870; fax (815) 338-8981.

Scores: For several years the Song of Survival music has been printed and distributed by BMG International in Nashville, Tennessee. Henceforth this will be done by the Theodore Presser Company, Presser Place, Bryn Mawr PA 19010. Phone (610) 525-3636; fax (610) 527-7841.

CD: The Peninsula Women's Chorus has sung this music since 1982. Their most recent recording is "Songs of the Spirit," which includes music from the Song of Survival repertoire. Visit their website for more information.

Movie/CD: Paradise Road, (1997) on videocassette. A soundtrack of the Paradise Road includes 12 pieces of Song of Survival music (4 in the movie), sung by Malle Babbe women's choir of Haarlem, Holland. Helen wrote the liner notes. Sony Classical SK 63026. Audio cassettes are not available.

Book: Helen's book, Song of Survival: Women Interned, was published in 1995 by White Cloud Press, P.O. Box 3400, Ashland, Oregon 97520; ($22.95 hard cover, $13.95 paperback). This book, as well as CD and video of the documentary can also be ordered from White Cloud Press (800) 380-8286.

Audiobook: Song of Survival: Women Interned, 1998 (unabridged), available from White Cloud Press, (800) 380-8286 or Blackstone Books, (800) 729-2665.

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