Sierra Club service outing

Centennial Molokai, Hawaii

May 5-13, 2001

Photos by Win, Franklin, Debbie, Lynne and Ray, and Roger


The Kalaupapa 12 at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Oahu
less Win and Lucienne

The Kalaupapa peninsula, Molokai
Debbie took this on her walk up the trail to topside


Bay View, our quarters for 5 nights


The pool hall was used for wakes

Plumeria trees

Ann and Ray, clearing aggressive lantana

The seed gatherers of Kalaupapa

What whale?

How many Sierra Club members and Park Service does it take to paint one fire hydrant?

Only 27 more to go!

8000 people lived and died on this peninsula

Win found his uncle's grave

lava fence, tree and pali

Siloama Church at Kalawao, founded 1871

The lua, "Kokua" (helpers) and "Patients"

Jean at Father Damien's Church, Saint Philomena, established 1866

graves in the churchyard


Ann and Win as we head toward Waiko ("3 waters")

Roger and Win as we head up the Waiko canyon

Nice swimming hole with great snorkling at Kalaupapa

The final moments of peace and quiet at the airport

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