The Faustus Files

a collection of tiny essays by Frater Faustus

(under whatever name he happens to be using this week!)

A Brief Philosophical Outline of Magick
* For those who require some intellectual justification.

The Death of Mab
* A little parable to be read at sundown.

An Examination Of The Bodily Fluids And Excretions
* Not for the squeamish.

A Frank Confession
* An autobiographical exercise in Thelemic apologetics.

Freemasonic Fabliaux
* The briefest of introductions to Irregular Freemasonry.

The Gnostic Mass: An Appreciation
* A personal and highly suggestive memoir of over two decades of involvement in this important Thelemic ritual.

My Meeting With You
* A Thelemic communal ritual for the consecration and consumption of host and cup.

Of Humans & Monsters
* An exercise in exegetical eisegesis.

Of Myths and Maths
* A rant about literalism and historicization in Thelema.

On Love and Love
* Serpent/Dove symbolism meets Qabalistic conjecture.

Sex, Religion & Magick: a concise overview
* A few folkloric, historical, and political considerations.

The Three Grades of Dean Knapp
* Thelemic Lit-crit: What do Aleister Crowley, Robertson Davies, and Aldous Huxley have in common?

Yet Another Criss Piss Tribute
* A short eulogy/obituary for a friend.

(Last Updated: 29 Oct 02)